Monday, August 2, 2010

Race Recap

Sunday. The morning I've been waiting for. Half marathon day. I was a little nervous! I guess even though this was the 4th time running this race, I still get butterflies!

I took a picture of my bib the night before as I had to leave the house in the morning at 4:45! A bib is the paper with your number on it. You pin it to the front of your shirt.

As I said, I had to leave at 4:45. I like to eat oatmeal in the morning of a run like this but I was NOT feeling it that early! I got up at 4:15 am and decided I didn't have much to do and laid back down until 4:30! This is just TOO early for a normal person to have to get up! I snapped a picture on my front porch on the way out. It was pitch black out!

Drove in eating my oatmeal in the car. Yes, I know, that's dangerous and should be illegal! I made it downtown in record time since not a sole was on the rode!

I park in lot close to a mile away because I know on the weekends, it's only $2. In the city, you can pay anywhere from $10-$20 to park. I know the tricks though. :)

This picture is of my making my hike to the run. It's getting lighter outside! I actually think this is a good walk to make as it warms you up for the run.

I got to the run area and met up with my charity group. I was running for a group for Down Syndrome. A friend of mine that I took sign language classes with, her son Josh has down syndrome and introduced me to the group. This is the 3rd time I've run with them.

This is part of the running group. I'm the second from the left in the first standing row in the front.

This is a picture before the run of me, my friend Liz and her son Josh.

While waiting to use the potty, I snapped a picture of my shoes with my D-tag timing chip. When my dad used to run about 15 years ago, they didn't have timing chips. It was not good because you don't always start when you are supposed to. The front people start at the start time, but if there are thousands of people, you may not start for 15 mins or more! My dad used to have to guess at what his actual time was.

The timing chips have changed over the years since I've running. Now that have these D-tag chips. You don't have to return them, they are disposable.

Waiting at the start, I snapped a picture of the people. We start in corrals (or waves). The corral is based on the time you listed when you registered of what you thought your finish time would be. This way, the faster people can start first and won't be hindered by us slower people. :p

My corral start number was 18! I ended up crossing the start line a half hour after is started. It started at 6:30 am and I started at 7:00 am! But this way, it's less crowded by using the corrals then if we all started at one time!

I was doing good during the first 5 miles! I was actually running between 9:45 and 10 min miles! That's really good for me. I was trying to run at a good pace but not too fast to start because you have to make sure you have enough in you to finish!

I had to use the potty right from the start! It ALWAYS happens to me at any run. Usually, since the run is pretty short, I can wait until I finish. But during a run that last over 2 hours, it's not possible. By the way, I do go beforehand but I have a weak bladder! lol

So I decided to stop right before mile 7. I thought I can take my potty break and re-energize myself for the rest of the run. I also had my first water station break right after mile 7. But I still hit my wall between mile 8-10! Never fails!

I still did good though and pretty much ran the whole way with a few exceptions: the potty break and 3 water breaks. But I only walked about 1/2 min. each time and then kept on running! I'm pretty proud of that fact.

So, did I beat my previous time of 2:23:02? I missed it by seconds, 43 seconds to be exact, with a time of 2:23:45! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Really? lol. I know, I'm still proud of my time but it's so close it almost kills me! lol.

Now I have to wait until next year to do another one! Maybe I'll do the Columbus half marathon in May where my nephew lives.

One thing I like about running this half marathon is that you get a medal! I like getting stuff!

I actually almost started crying when I was in the final stretch of the run when they have all the barricades and people cheering and see the finish line. I was mentally exhausted and was so happy that it was over! I guess even though this is the 4th time, I was still emotional!

I want to do a full marathon and was seriously thinking of signing up for it for next year but when I run the half marathon, it's so challenging for me, that I think there is NO WAY I can do a full one! The end of this one would only be half of the other one! I couldn't imagine! So I'll have to think about that.

The Chicago Marathon fills up so fast though, you have to register so early for it, that I can't think TOO long about it.

After the half, I went home, showered and napped for almost 2 hours! Then it was off to my parent's restaurant with my cousin and her husband and baby for dinner. I had been planning this for a whole week. I was getting gyros! My parents just got them on the menu a few weeks ago and I really wanted one. I figured today would be a perfect day as I just burn probably 1500 calories or more!

It was delish! I ate the whole thing (minus the part I cut off for my mom).

I know some of you are doing half marathons this year. Who is doing a half later this year? Have you already done one this year or prior? How is the training going?


  1. Awesome Job!!!

    You're getting me excited for my half in Nov!

  2. Congrats to you that is so awesome! I can only imagine how exciting it must be to run in a big race like that. Lots of energy going on there!

  3. Loved reading the recap!!!! That is so exciting, and to be so close to our PR! I walked a half marathon, but never ran it - I agree, to have to do double what you did seems impossible!

    I know next year you will break your PR!! A 5k is about all I'll do now - still not a fan of running!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yeah, bigger runs like that are a little emotional! I'm not a "runner" per se. It doesn't come naturally to me! I have to work hard at it! lol.

    Good luck on your Marisa!

    Biz, walking a half has got to be challenging too! I walked 5 miles for a charity once and it uses different muscles than running! I was in a little pain in my rear! lol.

  5. Good job! Congratulations. You're an inspiration for all of us.

    I'm heading to the doctor today to see what's up. Today I will make my final decision about training for the half in October. If I'm able to do it, got to start training now, but I kinda think it's not in the cards right now, but we'll see. :)

  6. Reen, yeah, you don't have too much training time til October so depending on what your dr. says. You don't want to injure yourself more!