Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Little Things

Can you tell I'm in a blogging rut? For one, I keep changing my template design! I don't like all of the standard ones they have on here but I don't know how to make my own! : /

Anyway, I wasn't going to post today as I'm at a loss for blogging ideas! I want to keep the blog interesting but sometimes, nothing interesting pops in my head!

But I decided to blog, if nothing else, to keep myself accountable as far as the food I ate!

Yesterday, I decided to mow the forest I have growing in my backyard! Seriously, it's now a forest! I mowed the front a week ago but had no time for the back. The grass was up past my ankles! There were weeds as tall as me! Not fun :(

Also not fun? The mosquito's! They said on the news the other day that the mosquito population grew 800% in the last week! Yikes! But they did say that this mosquito crop is not the West Nile Virus kind! Phew!

I do not own bug spray! I was going to get some but didn't need it until now. So I could have gone to the store to get some after work last night but didn't want to delay mowing my forest.

So as I sit here itching the 5 mosquito bites on my neck, the 3 on my one arm, 2 on my other arm, 1 on my shoulder and a few on my legs, I am typing this blog post! Note to self, get bug spray.

Alright, here are the eats from yesterday. I got a little "eat" happy a few times yesterday and went over my dailies by a few points, but had some workout points that I was able to use from the last few days. I'm not worried. Still on track.

Breakfast (3 pts)
Bagel Thin & homemade raspberry fennel jam

Mid-Morning Snack (2 pts)
1/3 Ice Cream Bar (Nice healthy option!)

Lunch (5 pts)
Cucumber Slices
Trader Joe's 98% FF Bean Burrito
Grilled Corn on the Cob

Mid-Afternoon Snack (I'm so hungry today!) - 3 pts
Quaker Granola Bar (Fiber & Omega 3)

Dinner (7 pts)
Buffalo Burger on Arnold Thin with Laughing Cow Cheese
Frozen Green Beans
Grilled Corn on the Cob (trying to get rid of this!)
Slice Cheese

Evening Binge! (6 pts)
2 Rice Cakes
Slice Cheese
Light English Muffin with homemade Strawberry Jam

Exercise (3 pts Earned)
Walk (to and from train)
Mow back lawn

Total Points Used: 26 pts (4 over daily)
Total Points Earned: (3 pts earned)

I count any extra movement as activity. I think all the little things add up! So I wore my heart rate monitor while mowing my forest. I burned 150 calories! I count the walking to and from the train because it's over a mile each way! If I were doing some deep cleaning at home (ex. washing floors, windows, etc.), I would count that as activity too.

I think all the little things you might do, even if only for an additional minute or two, really do add up. Sometimes, I will take the stairs instead of the escalator. Or walk a few blocks away to read my book during lunch instead of sitting just across the street.

Are there "little things" that you might do to boost your activity for the day? Do you take the stairs or park farther away?


  1. I don't boost my activity, because I am incredibly lazy! I run three times a week out of necessity, but beyond that, I do my level best to move as little as possible. Okay, that's enough typing... my fingers need a rest :p

  2. Mark - hahaha!! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh (although, I suspect that's not entirely true!)

  3. looks like some good eats! :)

  4. Looks like the eating is going pretty good and mowing the lawn is great exercise.

    I get plenty of exercise each day. I live in a two story house so there are plenty of extra trips up and down the stairs in addition to my daily walk/jog.

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