Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Possible Celebrity Status!

This was not going to be my post for today and is definitely "off topic" but I just got some news. You may have a celebrity in your mist!

Ok, so not really but here is the scoop. My parent's own a restaurant and are possibly purchasing another location as well. The local news station (CBS Channel 2 news) is having my dad on for an early morning segment about the restaurant as well as scooping up some ice cream sundaes (that's part of his restaurant...ice cream).

He asked if I wanted to come down with him and he was going to use me as a "helper" for the sundaes...putting the toppings on, etc. We are not entirely sure if I will actually be able to or not, but it's a possibility!

He wasn't sure if I wanted to go because we have to leave super early in the morning...around 4 am. But come on, when am I going to get this chance again! Even if I don't get on the air with him, it will be cool to be there, right?

So for the Chicago Bloggers out here...set your DVR's or TIVO's if you can and record the early morning Channel 2 news!! If there is a link to it online later (not sure if there will be), I will post it for you all.

In other blogger business, Tricia from Endurance Isn't Only Physical is having a giveaway for the Sugoi Bridget Bra (Men, don't leave yet). Click here for more info. If you are a man and you enter the giveaway, you can get a shirt for yourself (or a Bridget Bra for your lady!).

I will fill you all in on my celebrity status tomorrow!


  1. The show was moved to 6:15 am so if you are a Chicago Blogger and want to record it, just record the entire morning news! Hopefully we won't get totally bumped off!

  2. Fun!!!

    Congrats to you and your parents! Wish I was in Chicago :(

  3. Ooooh exciting! Make sure you remember to post the link if they put it online :)

  4. the tv thing sounds like fun! Post a link for us peeps far away if you can! :)