Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Running Toys!

I may be a little behind the times when it comes to buying some running stuff  (or exercise stuff for that matter).  I don't like spending money on myself.  I'm incredibly frugal! 

But lately, in light of being fully prepared for the marathon, I decided to try a few things out. 

Running Toy #1:  The Foam Roller

I know most of you know what this is!  It's a large hard piece of foam that you roll your hips, thighs, quads, calves, back and even butt on!  What!?!  And people spend money on this?  Why, yes they do!  I first heard it on these boards but was NEVER going to buy it.  I didn't doubt it did what you all said it did, I just wasn't going to spend the money on it.  But I did use it in my personal training sessions at the gym a few times. 

It hurts!  Yikes!  But it's supposed to stretch out your muscles and helps prevent injury.  It's supposed to be great for runners!  After a few people in my running group bought one and loved it, and after having some tight muscles myself, I decided to get one.  I only got a small one so it was less money.  And I can't say that it's my favorite thing in the world, but that's only because it hurts!  When I use it more, I'll get more used to it.  I like how my muscles feel after I use it. 

And on last Wednesday's personal training session, he decided to kick my butt and try to simulate "hitting the wall" during a run.  What this entailed was a horribly difficult circuit training routine with no breaks!  But I enjoyed it and kept a smile on my face almost the whole time.  He was totally impressed with my ability to persevere through the exhaustion I felt.  I had lots of determination.  But later that night and the next day, I felt a little pain in my hip.  It wasn't constant.  I only felt that pain a few times, but I have been trying to focus on that muscle with the foam roller and I think it helps! 

Yay for hard pieces of foam!!

Running Toy #2: Patellar Tendon Strap

Well, this isn't actually a toy. I asked at the running store what this is used for because I've seen people with it and only heard great things about it.  He said that it's mainly for knee caps that move.  I was told several years ago by a doctor when I hurt my knee that I have floating knee caps which are more prone to injury.  And my knees do hurt.  I just run through the pain and it's not totally severe.  I can deal with it. 

But with the long miles (last week was 10 miles) that I have to run to prepare for the marathon, I decided to purchase them in hopes of trying to prevent future injury.

I tried them out on my 10 mile long run last week.  It's so weird!  Just this little band around my knees!  I did buy one for each knee because the feeling in my knees are the same.  My knee cap felt supported the whole time I was running!  I still felt only slight discomfort in my knees but I think it really did help support my knees!  I ran 3 miles yesterday without it and I think I could really tell a difference.  I'll keep you posted on this.

Running Toy #3:  Body Glide

Is this a toy?  I've heard about Body Glide before, mainly by men.  (Did you know men's nipples can chafe?  True Story!  Weird huh?).  Anyway....lol

I decided to buy body glide and used it the last two long runs.  Works like a gem!  No chaffing from my shorts, on my arms rubbing my shirt or sports bra, very nice!  I even used it last week under that patellar strap on my knees to make sure that didn't dig or rub weird.

Already owned running toy:  Garmin Forerunner 305. 

I love my garmin.  I got it for Christmas last year.  But the last few weeks, it wasn't getting signal and one day, I couldn't turn it on.  I was going to call the company but now it's working fine.  Unsure what to do about that.  I still might call because it's fairly new and shouldn't be causing problems.  But again, I love my garmin!

**What running "toys" do you have that you love?


  1. Fav running toys:
    Garmin 305 (love the HR strap too)
    Hydration belt (I have the Nathan Speed 2 belt-2 bottles- and I LOVE it)
    music-ok not really a RUNNING toy but my hubby got me a new Sansa player-it is SO tiny-about 1x2 inches maybe but the sound quality is AWESOME. I LOVE running w/ music =)
    I too have been intrigued by the whole foam roller thing but still havent tried one, I have used my kitchen rolling pin though! HA!

  2. Anna - I heard about the kitchen rolling pin. I heard about that because there is a "stick" that people use to roller along their calves and stuff.

  3. I LOVE body glide!! It definitely helps on my feet! I also adore my garmin, "the stick" and my shuffle!

  4. Anonymous7/12/2011

    Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    I think you should share some of your tips on staying frugal, haha! I definitely struggle on NOT spending money on myself.

    I'm interested in that patellar tendon strap. My knees hurt all the time!

  5. I swear by my foam roller and my body glide and I adore my Garmin 110! How is training going Amanda?

  6. Hi Amanda!!!!
    I have a love/hate with my foam roller! It hurts like heck, but it does a good job especially with IT band issues!

  7. thank you so much for your comments
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