Friday, July 29, 2011

WI Results & Goals

Since recommitting, the first week I lost 2.8 lbs!  It was a new me!  I was ready to go!  Tracking, check!  Working out, check!  BRING IT ON!!

The second sat.  Made excuses.  Tracked about 3 days.  Binged on food until I felt sick.  Felt depressed because of it.  Didn't weigh in because I didn't want to see that I had gained all that weight that I just lost back and then some!

Here I am on the third week.  Tracked every single day!  Overate last Saturday at parties.  Tracked it.  Worked out every single day!  Felt pretty good.  Felt back in control.  Even though I used every single weekly point, I earned a butt load (technical term) of activity points and hadn't gone through any of them (yet).  My points reset tomorrow.  And what did the scale reward me with?

DOWN 2.0 POUNDS!  I'll take it.  It's for two weeks (since I didn't weigh in last week) but considering I did horrible last week, I was only expecting to break even this week.  So down a total 4.8 lbs in 3 weeks?  Yes, please!!

Now, I'm at 170.6.  Next week I could be back in the 160's!!  Maybe it could have been this week if TOM wouldn't always show up the day before weigh in!  Why does that always happen??  I can't wait to get back down to my goal weight!  "When will then be now?  Soon!"  (A little quote from the movie Spaceballs!)  If you've never seen Spaceballs, you don't know what you are missing!  Funniest movie ever!!

Ok, click HERE to see that clip on you tube!  FUNNY!!

I have a goal today.  Since I have been weighing in on Friday but my points reset on Saturday, I've been using Friday as a "free-for-all" eating day.  I usually have exercise points left and just figure it really doesn't matter.  By the way, I've been weighing in on Friday's because of my Saturday long runs.  I feel that my weight was all over the place by running many miles on Saturday and eating and drinking for refueling, and then having to weigh myself afterwards.  Too much stress, and not really accurate. 

But binging on Friday's just because I can, is not a good way to think.  So today, I will think before I eat!  Even if a use a few extra points today, it's ok.  As long as I track and don't just binge.

Exercise will still also be a priority this coming week.  As long as I track and exercise, I should be good to go!!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like the past couple of weeks have a had a lot of ups and downs but that seems to be how this journey goes. Glad you decided to give up the Friday binge, it's counter productive to what you are trying to achieve! Keep up the good work.

  2. I am the same way - since I weigh on on Saturday mornings, my feeling is that whatever I eat on the weekends I can work off before the next weigh in - um, I've been up the last two weeks!

    Today I have recommitted, not gonna have wine this week and get my butt to the gym!