Friday, July 15, 2011

First week back to tracking!

I recommitted to tracking on weight watchers this week.  I'm the kind of person that needs the structure of tracking in order to be successful at losing weight. 

I made goal and then lifetime on weight watchers after 3 years last July.  I maintained until November to which a few things happened and I derailed.  They changed the points plan to points plus.  And I started dating "that guy" in November after a LONG period of not dating (in fact, really didn't date the whole time I lost weight on weight watchers).

Now, I never blamed these other factors for me putting back on 15 pounds.  I knew it was all up to me.  I was the one not tracking.  I was the one overeating and snacking at night.  Me!  There was no one else to blame.  Since I knew that much, that was the first step.  Every week I would try to get back on tracking.  And every week I failed.  And some weeks I just didn't even try! 

With the help of an online weight watcher group that I met in 2007, I have since recommitted this week!  I actually tracked all week!  ALL WEEK!  Every beer I had on Saturday.  The cake and ice cream I had yesterday.  I tracked it all.  Yes, some of it is guess work.  Sometimes you don't know the nutritional information.  And in recent months, when that happened, I just gave up on tracking the rest of that day (and week).

And in fact, this week, I used every single weekly point I was allowed.  I even had to dig in a little into my activity points.  But I have always been ok with using the points that I'm given.  I was never afraid to use my weeklies if I needed to. That's what makes this plan manageable for me.  As long as I track everything, I'm usually golden!

So what did the scale say  today? 

drum roll please...

Down 2.8 pounds!!

Oh yes, the scale was good to me this week.  And I was good to myself for recommitting to the plan!

I hope this can give someone inspiration that is having a rough time with losing weight and recommitting to whatever plan they are on!  Just keep trying!

Tomorrow I have a nice and easy (compared to the last two weeks) 7 mile run!  Then it really gets hard with the next two Saturdays after that being 12 miles and 13 miles respectively!

In anticipation of the 13 mile run (and because my cousin has a gift certificate), I scheduled a deep tissue massage for that day after the 13 miles!  It will be so nice!  (And so painful!) :)


  1. Congrats, Amanda! Way to focus in on your goal to get to where you want to be!!

  2. Anonymous7/15/2011

    Great job Amanda! :)

  3. First time poster here! I try to keep a food log and I know its so hard to write everything down. I usually do well the first half of the day and then get lazy logging everything the second half of the day.
    Good JOb on your tracking and weight loss.

  4. Great job, Amanda!! I got back to keeping my food journal this week and it really does make a difference! Why do we resist??!!