Saturday, July 2, 2011

98 DAYS!!!

Only 98 days left until the marathon??  AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Now that my mini-freakout is over!  Up until I looked right now, it's been over 100 days!

So how is my training going?  Not too bad.  Today was what I considered my first really long run.  And it's only going to get worse!  Today's mileage was 9 miles!  I've run 9 miles twice before on my own.  Of course, I've run 6 half marathons, so I've done a total of 13 miles before.  But 9 is the most I've run prior to a half marathon.

And it was H-O-T today!  It was about 80 while running but HUMID!  We run at about 7 am.  And I run with a running group that has water and gatorade stations throughout so that's nice.  We are specifically using what they have at the marathon so we are prepared.

And I went into today's run with a ton of self-doubt!  "It's so hot!"  "It's so humid!"  "Can I do this?"  "What if the pace group I'm running with is too fast for me?"  "My knees hurt!"  "My toe hurts!"  Would you like some cheese with your wine Amanda?

So I decided that having negative thoughts in your head will only affect your run negatively!  Training for the marathon is not for the weak-minded!  So as I started to run, I tried to push the thoughts out of my head.  And running with a group definitely helps!  They are always looking out for you.  It's like a little running family!

And as I was running, and even though it was hot and humid, and even though my toe was hurting a little (and my knees), I felt alright!  Physically, I really felt fine!  And the last two miles, you have to push through mentally.  You have to tell yourself, "I'm ok!  I'm physically fine. My legs feel strong.  It's just mental!"  And it works!  It has to work.  Because there is a goal and I have to make it there!

And guess what else?  My garmin crapped out on me!  Really??  I've only had it since x-mas!  So I'm going to call them and see if they can just send me a new one if I send the old one back.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to buy those knee band things.  There here...I was told by a doctor before that I have floating kneecaps.  And my knees hurt and crack for everything.  They don't hurt a lot but there is pain and I don't want to make it worse with the longer mileage coming up.

I went to a running store just now to buy some GU Chomps to try out and I asked him about them.  He said they are for people that have knee caps that move around.  I told him about my weird floating knee cap thing and he said that's exactly what they are for.  So I said I would ask around with people that have them (there are some in my running group) and possibly come back.  I've heard they are good.  Anyone know anything about them?

Want to know what else I did today?  Treated myself to a manicure.  One of the no-chip ones!  This is only the second manicure I've ever gotten in my life!  I'm so low maintenance!  lol

Anyone doing anything for the 4th of July?  I'm just going to my parent's house for dinner then they are coming over to mine so we can go up to the fireworks.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

**Other blogger news:  Check out Tami's giveaway HERE!  I'm all about free things, but also trying new things!  Thanks Tami!


  1. I don't know anything about the knee bands but I hope you find the answers you're looking for!! I love that you got a mani... I've been wanting a pedi because obviously my feet are in rough shape but I don't wanna gross the woman out!!

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about - running is so mental - my last run though, I just held my head up, turned my iPod up a little louder so I couldn't hear myself breath, and it did wonders - and I do tell myself "you feel fine, just keep going!"

    I'll still be a running buddy for a few miles if you need it on race day - just let me know!

  3. What group are you training with? I did Team in Training for the Chicago marathon twice.

    I think the knee bands help. My one knee started hurting around mile 20 and an aid station wrapped my knee with plastic wrap - I'm not joking really tight and that seemed to help the rest of the way. I guess if you started with them or trained with them on you can see how it goes. Best of luck to you, it's going to be a great experience!!!

  4. Jenn, I run for a local charity called UPS for DownS. It's a group that supports children with down syndrome!

    And weird, I responded to Biz on here but it's not here! But I put the same response on her blog, so it's all good!

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