Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grand Rapids Marathon Update

I started writing a blog post regarding my experience at the Grand Rapids Marathon but I erased it.

I'm having a hard time writing it so I thought I'd give a brief update so you know what happened to me! I can finish writing the recap later.

So my goal this year was to PR my marathon. I didn't try to PR anything else. I worked on my mental attitude with pushing out negative thoughts, finding my happy running pace and staying consistent and be able to push through.  Well....

I did PR!  My official Grand Rapids Marathon time was 4:39:20! My previous PR was from the 2012 Chicago Marathon with a time of 4:44:54! So I'm super happy about this! I didn't make my #1 goal of 4:35 but I am happy with a PR ... AND with a time in the 4:30's somewhere!  I will try to finish up an actual recap soon.

Also, I ran a 5k last weekend. And I have the Lakefront Ultra 50k this Saturday, so I'm pretty busy! I better get moving on my blog posts then or they will be getting backed up (I also have 2 half marathons in November! Yikes!).

Can you believe it's almost November??

So happy to PR!!

The medals are pretty cool!


  1. Congrats on your shiny new PR! Looking forward to the recap! :)

  2. Woohoo! That's a great time! I would love to do the Lakefront Ultra sometime. Can't wait to hear how that goes. I CANNOT believe tomorrow is November. How did that happen already??!