Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September in Review

I finished out September with a half marathon in Merriville Indiana (recap to come) last Sunday as well as a 4 mile run yesterday. Let's see how my September shaped up! 

AND... October is marathon month for many people, including myself. I'm doing the Grand Rapids marathon in Michigan on October 19th!

September in Review

Running Miles: 109.39
Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 1
Cycling Miles: 15.54
# of Workout Days this month:  15 (50%)

Running Miles: Running miles for the month were 109.39. And I even skipped a few of the shorter runs or changed up a few days for various reasons (tired, vacation, preparing for yard sale).  But miles over 100 for the month are very good for me and only ever happens during marathon training. I had my 19 and 20 mile runs this month as well as 2 half marathons (Texas and Indiana).  Not too shabby!

Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 1. 1 measly day. And that was my cycling day in the beginning of the month. Frankly, I was just tired. I was always doing something (preparing for yard sale) and I didn't even want to spend 15 mins to plank and stuff. No excuses. Just pathetic. lol

Cycling Miles: My cycling miles were 15.54. I cycled one day to test out my new bike in the beginning of the month. With the long (really long runs) having to be run on Sunday, I didn't want to chance cycling on Saturday. And now that it's darker earlier, I don't have time to ride after work before it gets dark. I'm hoping to cycle this Sunday though as my long run is on Saturday this week! Yay!

# of workout days this month: A mere 15 days out of 30. I didn't even need to use the calculator for this math! 50% working out. Like I said, I was tired from all the running. And vacation got in the way along with my yard sale prep. So I figured this was good enough. I really do need to up the strength training and stretching though.

**I'm still trying to continue my "run happy" motto. It's definitely helping on my rough days but sometimes it's very very hard! But when I am happy (hello 20 miler!!), I feel great.

**My shoes that I was planning to wear for the marathon started bothering my ankle bone the last 2 long run weekends. During the half last weekend, it started hurting by mile 10. When I went to help my cousin finish the end of the full marathon, I could barely walk and even took my shoes off for a bit. Later that day, it was super painful. I think the ankle is just bruised but I think I'm taking my "marathon shoes" back and re-evaluating what I'm going to wear for the marathon. The ankle part of the shoe was pushing against my ankle bone. Never happened before on any of my long runs but I'm so traumatized from Sunday's pain, that I never want to wear them again.

Here's to October! And my marathon! And your marathons!!  GO GET 'EM! Hope my "October in Review" will consist of a marathon PR!


  1. Nice miles for the month. Sorry to hear about the ankle pain. Ill-fitting shoes are the worst for running. I am so paranoid about swapping out shoes that I pretty much train and race in the same pair for a complete marathon cycle. I know my current pair are way passed their "expiration date" but they are still keeping me injury and pain free, so why switch now?

  2. When I first got a pair of these Mizuno's, I didn't like them. They sit higher up on my ankle. I would only do short runs in them. However, after some other issues with Brooks, I gave them a shot on a long run and they were fine. I tried them on several long runs and liked them! Ordered a new pair of them and they were fine for several long runs. Done! Marathon shoes! But nope. Now they are hurting my ankle because of how high they sit on my ankle. Just the last two long runs but it was SUPER painful on Sunday. Now it's bruised. Hurts to the touch but I think it's healing. Switching back to an older pair of Brooks I guess.

  3. I would be panicking like crazy if my shoe did that to me right before the marathon. It does take me awhile to break new shoes totally in (about 50 miles or so), but pain or chafing is not something to mess with!