Thursday, November 6, 2014

October in Review

October is over and November is in full swing! And I still didn't get to my full Grand Rapids Marathon recap. I'm slacking and I'm aware! But let's see what happened in October by the numbers.


Running Miles: 86.6 miles
Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 1
Cycling Miles: 10.75 miles (1 cycling day)
# of workout days in October: 15 (49%)

Welp....I'm feeling a bit blah about a lot right now. Running, blogging, doing anything except napping (which I'm not doing). Ok here goes the rest of this blog post. Sorry guys. Cheer me up!

Running Miles: 86.6 miles. Not too bad at all. Considerably less than the last 2 months when I was in the height of my marathon training. The month of the marathon is usually less mileage due to taper and recovery afterwards. But over 80 miles in one month is always very good to me so I will take it!

Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 1. One measly day. I went bike riding around the 'hood and got lost a bit since it's my "new" hood (a.k.a. my boyfriend's hood and we are kind of moving in together). I always get lost running or cycling there. No biggie.  This number will improve as I'm taking 5 weeks unlimited barre classes at Pure Barre right now! Woohoo! Tight butt and stronger core, I'm coming for you!

Cycling Miles: Oops...see above. One in the same this month.

# of workout days in October: 15. Half way. I was running and nothing else. No cross training. No extra walking. Nothing. So I run about half the month. My's marathon month. Not trying anything new this month!

So there you have it folks. I'm behind on my race recaps ... I also did the Lakefront Ultra 50k on Nov 1st. I definitely need to tell you what a baby I was after the race that day! But I finished. Spoiler.

I'm pretty burnt out on running. I guess running and PR'ing a marathon, then running an ultra 13 days after in windy cold weather will do that to you. BUT... I can now officially be a marathon maniac! I'll apply soon. :)

I'm looking forward to the 5 weeks of barre classes. I'm weak. Really weak. My core is non-existent. Really. I don't think I have one any more. My butt is weak. I know I have one because it's big but it's got no muscle at all. So hopefully this will help. I'm looking to go 3 days a week if I can. That's a lot of barre! I went yesterday for the first time in months. I feel silly and I know I look silly. I get tired easily. They are always correcting my form (which I like because if I'm there, I want to be doing it right). I forgot how hard this is. 5 minutes after starting I thought "How am I going to last an hour?" Ha! I lasted. But my glutes and triceps are sore and my legs still feel shaky (even though it's the next day). Lord, help me. I'm going back tonight...

See you all next this month (November). I promise I'll get these recaps in for you!