Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting To Know Me!

There has been a game going around on the blogging network fittingly titled "11 Things."  It's kind of a chain game where people answer questions and ask questions and tag their blog friends for them to do the same.  I'll be honest, I'm not really a "chain game" kind of person.  But I like reading other people's responses and thought I would play along a little.

I actually got tagged 4 times!!  I'll answer the most recent two sets of questions (sorry to the first two...but no one really needs to know THAT much about me!!).  The two bloggers that tagged me were Amanda from Too Tall Fritz and Jeni from A Sparklish Roar.

Amanda's Tag Questions:

1. Favorite race/event & why?  I would say my favorite race has to be the Shamrock Shuffle 8k.  It's pretty much the first major race of Chicago and is hugely popular!  People generally have a great attitude and wear interesting clothing!

2.  Were you a princess or TomBoy?  Actually neither.  Maybe more TomBoy. My mom did put me in a few dresses when I was younger but they were not all "fru-fru" dresses (with the frills and lace and stuff).  And until a few years ago, I probably didn't own a dress in at least 10 years. I wasn't really a TomBoy either because I can't play sports.  But I always did outdoor stuff like camping, rafting, etc while growing up. And always wanted to hang out with my older brother and his friend.

3. Who or What inspires you & why?  I think this is always a hard one.  I don't have one specific answer.  Many people inspire me for different reasons.  I think anyone that goes out and tries to do something that seems "impossible" to them, but put in the dedication/commitment to succeed at it, that's always inspiring to me.  An old friend/former coworker of mine never ran ever.  Started running last year when she signed up for the Chicago Marathon.  She was on a plan that started you from the beginning, like working up to one mile to start!  And she trained longer than me for the marathon (since March since she was a beginner) and finished it!  I know what her time was, but you know what?  It's doesn't matter!  She never thought she was going to do it and actually didn't tell her family or anyone because she thought she would fail.  She told me and a couple other people and that was it.  But she did it and finished!  And wants to do it again!  That's inspiration!

4. Do you have more "online" friends or real life friends?  I guess I have more online friends due to facebook and blogs.  I love my online friends and online running friends because they show so much support.  But nothing can replace the few "real" friends I have.

5. 20 Year Class Reunion...Are you going, legitimately busy or you wouldn't be caught dead stepping in the door?  I'm going.  I went to my 11 year reunion (yes, my high school never did anything right).  When I went there, even though I had already lost 15 pounds from my highest known weight (and felt good, dressed up, the whole 9 yards...and even got asked out...I think we were the only two single people there, wait, where was I...oh, for my 11 year reunion, I had lost 15 pounds.  But since then I've lost at least an additional 65 pounds or so.  So yes, I'd love to go so everyone can see how great I look!  Haha!

6. Do you prefer Flowers or Candy from the significant other or should they save the $?  Flowers for sure.  I don't want to eat the candy, so please don't buy it!  It will just make me fat!  I love flowers and really have only gotten flowers from two other people besides my father ever.  And my dad always bought my mom flowers, for a special occasion or just because.  So sweet!  But don't buy them for me because you did something wrong.  That might just piss me off more!

7. If you were rich and famous and had the balls guts to name your kid something outlandish, what would that be?  First and Middle name, please!  Nothing...I'm not really an outlandish name person.  I can't even make something up right now!  lol

8. You're in a marathon, in first place, on world record pace...You have to "go". Do you stop for a port-o-pot, and possibly lose the race and miss the world record or do you go in the street for the world to see?  I mean, really?  I wouldn't stop!  If I could, I would find a bush or something quickly if I thought I had the time, but first place, world record, marathon?  I would try to hold it as best I could.

9. Why do you run?  I run because I can.  I never used to run.  I hated the mile in gym at school! I'm not an athletic person at all. So to think that I run half marathons and marathons?  Pretty unbelievable and that's why I do it.  It's hard for me and I like the challenge of it.  Those good run days make up for all those bad run days!

10.  Favorite type of run: Group, Solo, Tempo, Long Run, Speed Work?  Group runs for sure (even just one other person).  It makes the time pass so much better and I keep my pace up better (if the person is faster than me).  And I like to chat (have some bonding time).  But there is nothing like a 5-6 mile run solo on a beautiful summer day in the forest preserves!  Really helps clear your head and is so peaceful!

11. Most adventurous "out of character" thing you've ever done?  To me, it's not out of character.  To others, it totally is and people usually can't believe it.  That I've been skydiving...twice.  I'm a pretty quiet person with a pretty quiet life.  But I love those adrenaline rush things.  I think I need it in my life to shake things up, get the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Jeni's Tag Questions:

1. What's your sign and do you think you are a typical ____?  I'm an Aquarius and no, I don't think it's really accurate for me.  The accurate things are friendly, honest, sarcastic, intellectual.  Inaccurate: Rebellious, unemotional, detached, inventive.  Makes me think of some fiercely independent, rebellious, aloof person!  I don't think that's my personality.

2. What is your go to meal for energy?  Uh, I don't really have one!  I know what is "healthy" to eat or what to eat to lose weight...but I need to brush up on my energy food knowledge.

3. What is your top ten bucket list?  I haven't made a bucket list yet.  I've actually been meaning to but never got around to it...I'm a procrastinator.  I've done a good number of bucket list items already though.  I guess getting married and have kids is on my bucket list...but I can't wait until old age to do the kids thing (and don't want to for the married thing).

4. One thing you do every day without fail?  Go to the bathroom!  Well, it's true!  That's also the first thing I do! :)

5. Favorite font?  Um...really?  I don't care!  lol.

6. How many Facebook Friends do you get before you "clean house"?  I've never cleaned house on my facebook.  It's probably because I don't add people unless I know them (usually) or know them through my running group, charity group, etc.

7. Do you text or call?  Well, I used to say call.  In the past year, I've gotten more into texting even though I used to hate it!  lol.  It really depends on who I'm calling/texting.  Different for different people.

8. One thing you do to make yourself look better on those days you're just not up for looking better?  To tell you the truth, I'm really low maintenance.  So if it's a day that I'm just not up for looking better...I probably won't even try!

9. What kind of vehicle would you drive, if you could drive anything?  I'm not a car person, I don't know makes and models.  I currently drive a convertible and have for about 11 years.  I love them and would probably get a really nice one!

10. Do you have a nickname?  Now, my real nickname is Mandy.  That's an obvious one.  My whole family calls me that and a few friends.  But my other nickname is Beena.  My dad calls me that and even got my nephew calling me "Auntie Beena" when he was little.  I don't know where it comes from or why, just one of those things.

11. This year I want to accomplish _____?  Well, it's obviously running related!  I'm planning two marathons.  I would like to accomplish that goal!  And PR at least one of them.

My questions:

1. If you could travel to one place, where would it be and why?

2. What is your favorite distance race to run and why?

3. You are in a foreign country and are asked to try their delicacy which is some horrible bug type you eat it or pass?

4. What would your ideal job be (if money or location wasn't an issue)?

5. If you could be one animal, which one would it be and why?

6. Funniest thing that's every happened to you during a race?

7. You are working out with the weight machines at the gym and a big muscular guy comes up to you and asks if he can work out with you.  Do you work out with him or politely decline his request?

8. How tall are you and do you like your height or would you change it?  If you would change it, what would it be and why?

9. Have you or would you ever dress up in a strange costume for a themed run (example, like turkey for a turkey trot)?

10. What is one thing people would be shocked to know about you?

11.  Uh...yeah I got nothing!  lol

I'm supposed to tag friends, but many of my friends are already tagged.  I'm going to be a party pooper and not tag anyone!  I know, I know!  If you would like to answer my questions, feel free to do so!  Let me know so that I can hop on over to read the answers!

Did you learn anything new about me??

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