Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Vote for Me!!

"I ain't to proud to beg!" (Courtesy of TLC)

As I said yesterday, I was picked as a finalist for "Athlete of the Month".  This is where I need YOUR help!  If it sounds like I'm begging for votes, it's because I am!  :)

My picture is listed on CARA's facebook page.  Click here for a link to the page.  I am the first runner shown.  Click on my photo and then "like" it.  That's it! 

But if you are an extra special friend of mine...(and you all are, right?), then please do me a favor and post this on your blog for me!  It would be truly appreciated!

Leave me a comment on here to tell me you did!  And if you have a blog that I don't know about, you can be sure I will check it out!!

I have until Sunday to beg ask for votes!  So be sure to tell all your friends, spouses, kids, etc!