Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aliens and Changes

First things first.  I was recently notified by email that a follower of my blog could not post a comment.  This was the second time I've heard that, but the first was a while ago and so didn't think much of it.  If you can not post a comment on my blog...please send me an email at  If it is a problem, I'll have to figure something out. 

Second things...uh...second.  I bought on ebay a reflective vest so I can be a nerd safe.  The one I bought was really cheap and probably looks it but I figure, I wouldn't use it too much anyway.  And I tend to wear a lot of black while running and run in the evenings during the week.  The neighborhoods around me don't really have sidewalks so I'm constantly running in the street and definitely do not feel safe with the cars.  My marathon jacket I bought does have a reflective zipper and other small things but I feel it's just not enough safety.  And I finally wore my reflective vest last night for my run.  Nothing sexier than a runner in a reflective vest!  And then you get a bunch of runners together in reflective vests and I think they look a little like aliens, don't you?? true geeky runner form, I took a self picture (with flash to get the full alien look) of me in my running vest prior to my run last night.

Could that be any sexier??

And I stole a picture from my running group showing what a group of reflective vests look like all together...aliens, I say!  (No, I'm not in the photo).

Running Aliens?
Now for the whiny and crying and sad and depressed and "my life sucks" part of the blog.  Didn't know this blog had that section, huh?  Well, I try not to.  I try to be a relatively upbeat and happy person, because all in all, things really aren't that bad!  But sometimes you just feel "blah".  And all these stupid issues come into your head! 

I'll just focus on one of my many "problems" on this blog.  For those that are recent additions to my blog, my blog technically started out as a weight loss/healthy eating blog to help me get off the last 10 pounds I was struggling with so I could get to a "goal" weight.  I finally got them off (for a total of about 90 pounds lost).  After that, since I became more into running and found some running blogs I enjoyed, and also while training for the marathon last year, my blog turned kind of into a running blog.

But in the past year +, I've probably gained back 15-20 pounds!  What started with 5 pounds turned into 10 and last I checked was 15!  But I haven't even weighed myself in about a month!  And I've been eating crap!  And this is all just so depressing for me!  So I really want to lose about 20 pounds.  And it all started again the other night when Janet Jackson was talking about Nutrisystem on Jay Leno.  No, I'm not doing Nutrisystem.  I know that's not the right way to go (at least for me).  But sometimes you just get so frustrated that you think thoughts like "Maybe I just won't eat all day!" or "Maybe I'll just do Nutrisystem because then I won't have to worry about figuring out what to eat."  But actually, I'm kind of a mini-pro at knowing the "right" things to eat.  You have to be to lose 90 pounds in the first place (if you did it the right way).  

So I just need to start implementing good eating behaviors again.  I emailed my cousin because she has always had her struggles with weight too (although she is pregnant so it's not too much an issue for her right now).  Anyway, I emailed her and she gave me some ass-kicking good suggestions and advice.  It's funny because she usually asks me for help and I always give her the advice.  Weird to have the tables turned! 

So, that's that.  I have a 10-mile run to do Saturday with my running group.  And we do it in a very hilly neighborhood.  And I haven't run more than 7 miles since the marathon (did 7 miles twice this month though) I'm a little nervous about these 10! 


  1. Hey I'm in that picture!

    I think the comment problem might be older browsers. When I'm on my laptop at home, I have trouble getting the comment form to show on blogger blogs. But I'm using an outdated browser (because my operating system is too outdated to update it). So maybe that's the issue?

    1. lol Maggie! I didn't look to see if anyone I knew was in it. Where you a running alien??

      And that's what I was thinking, that it possibly had to do with their brower. It happened to me before with a blog of someone elses.

    2. You were a running alien! I just checked! Haha!

  2. You can do it, Amanda! You can take those pounds off. You took off 90 and you still have all the tools you need.

    And you know you can do that 10-mile run. If you can do 7, you can do 10. Come on, girl, you know that!

    P.S. When is your marathon? I haven't decided yet the when and where, but it's going to happen! Just started cardio and cross training a few weeks ago and had my orientation this week to get back into strength training. Of course, now I'm probably going to be out of commission for a few days since I'm fighting a cold and feel like I'm on the losing end of this one. :)

    1. Feel better Reen! And thanks. I know I can do it.

      Are u wanting to do a full?? And I'm doing the Illinois Marathon end of April and Chicago again in October!

  3. What kind of tips did your cousin give you? I am always looking for tips on healthy eating?

    And if you have lost if before - you can again! Was some of the gain muscle? Or have you just been eating too much? (I am not judging - I totally struggle with that!!!)

    1. I'm totally just eating too much and too much crap! Well, the tips were writing down what I eat. I used to do Weight Watchers but just the accountability of seeing what I eat makes me not eat things.

      Also, she suggested we plan a meal together or make something healthy together.

      And no, can't blame muscle!! lol