Monday, January 16, 2012

Goal Recap

I thought I would fill you in on how my goals for the year are going so far.  I'm actually only doing it to get a kick in the rear (don't worry, I will kick myself) and get moving on them.

The goals and my progress so far:

2012 Goals

1. Make at least 1 recipe a week. 
 - So far so good!  I wasn't home this weekend to cook but I have all week to make my 1 recipe!  By the way, I cook but it might be egg sandwiches or something.  I wanted to start cooking more actual recipes.  Good way to try new things, see what I like and don't like and make my own recipe book with the successful meals!

2. Do my daily stretching and knee strengthening exercises.
- Wow, I was doing so well the first 4 days on this!  I have now just realized I haven't been doing it at all for the past week!  I'll start again today.

3. Take my vitamins daily.
- Again, total FAIL so far on this.

4. Stop drinking pop. - No pop at all since the 1st, not even a sip!  I'm pretty proud of that!

5. Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water a day.
- I need to go buy another water bottle.  I don't have one and the little bottles of water are not cutting it with getting me to drink enough water.   I'm doing "ok" on this but not 100% successful.

6. Track all the miles I run this year.
- Daily mile and I are friends.  I like tracking my running and giving my thoughts to how my run went and why.  Success.
7. Get a PR for my half marathon in July. 

8. Get a PR for a 5k.
 - TBD

9. Get a PR for a marathon.
- TBD.  I should be able to get this one.  I will see in April.
10. Another goal which shall remain nameless....
- This was something I wanted to stop.  I've slipped a couple times but it's early and habits are hard to break.  Work in progress here.

So overall, not the most fantastic start to my goals.  The good thing about goals is that you can always keep trying until you are successful. 

I'm going to add a goal to the list.  I want to get back down to my goal weight of where I was in October 2010.  I need to change a few things right now in order to accomplish this goal.  I have no doubt that I will get back there. 

Have a good week!


  1. WTG on the soda!!!

    I totally have to make my vitamins part of my routine or I forget to take them too. I seem to remember at work, but am less likely to at home! Do you take yours will a meal?

  2. So happy you are well on your way to meeting your goals! And I'm excited to run RNR in July! You'll get that PR for sure!

    P.S. This post reminds me that I have to take my vitamin for the day. Haha!