Thursday, May 5, 2011


WWMD? - (aka What Would Mike Do?)

Mike is my personal trainer.  I like him.  He's nice and funny.  He knows about running and therefore, trains me accordingly.  He signed up for seven (yes, seven) FULL marathons this year!  Last year, he did three.  He has a goal of trying to qualify for Boston.  In fact, his best full marathon time is 3:30.  Wow!!  How awesome is that!  He's about 26 years old.

Mike is pretty awesome in the sense that he understands that I run and am trying to go for my first full marathon this year.  He isn't my personal trainer for running.  I'm there for toning and core strength.  I apparently have HORRIBLE balance!  I never knew that!  He works a lot on balance with me with the Bosu Ball.  We even tried the dreaded squats on there again.  I can do squats on the floor normally.  When he had me try on the bosu ball around my second personal training day, I couldn't do it!  My balance was way off and my legs were jumping all around.  He wanted me to try again yesterday and told me to just go down a little.  I actually was a little scared to try it!  I don't like to NOT be able to do something.  But I tried and you know what?  I did it!  My legs were still jumpy a little and I could only go down about half way but it's improvement.

Like I said, Mike isn't training me for running but he does give me some helpful, friendly, non-trainer advice.  He even made me a running schedule through July which gets me through part of my Marathon training.  He said he would re-evaluate in July.  I appreciate the support and advice he gives me on running.

I have the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus this weekend.  I'm excited to run somewhere other than Chicago for a change.  I got an email from Dave who lives in Columbus and is also doing the run this weekend.  I wish Dave luck on the half this weekend!  Thanks for the email!  I love blogging friends!!  :)  You can check out his blog here.

I will post maybe Sunday or Monday to let you all know how my run went.  My best half marathon time is a little over 2:23.  I would really like to beat that time but with limited training the last three weeks due to being sick, and still having a little cough, I'm not sure I can do it.  But if I don't, it's ok!  There is always my half marathon in August!


  1. That's great that your personal trainer stuff is going well. I hope that you continue to enjoy it! Sounds like you have a helpful trainer! That's awesome!

  2. Thanks Mallory! Oh Geez! Just realized it still says I'm 31 on here, but alas, I'm a year older!!

  3. Good luck this weekend!! Dave and I actually went to college together and are running the Cleveland Marathon together on May 15th! We have also done two 10 milers together as well as a 1/2 marathon!! He is great!!

  4. Jodi - yeah, he said he knew you. That's great! Good luck on the marathon!!

  5. Ooo, I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog ;-)

    Guess what? It is now showing that it will NOT rain until the afternoon. woohoo
    I just realized I need to pick up my packet, may be important.
    If I don't run into you...good luck and have fun with the run tomorrow!

  6. Good luck to you Amanda! I am so behind on blog reading and commenting - good luck this weekend - looking forward to the recap! :D

  7. Thanks Dave!!!! You too!

    And thanks to everyone else!!