Wednesday, May 25, 2011

R.S.A. - Need Help!

R.S.A. = Realty Show Anonymous.  I wish there was a meeting like this!  I need it! 

There will be no spoilers on this post from any of this week's results, so if you DVR'd the shows and haven't watched them, you are safe here!

I am really getting annoyed at facebook because everyone post the results of something right after it airs but I haven't watched it yet and forget and hop on my phone on facebook and there are the results!!  Grrrrr!

Seriously, I watch far too much realty tv.  Not the "16 and Pregnant" type shows, but the American Idol, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars kind of shows.  The competition shows.  I love them!

I'm not so big on American Idol anymore but was watching it this season.  I'm also not a huge country music fan and that is who the final two are.  I'm not thrilled with this season.  I think they voted off some great singers already.  I guess from the final two, I would like Scotty to win.

Biggest Loser.  Can I just say the finale show was awesome!  I won't tell you who won.  But so many people lost over 40% of their body weight.  The finalist looked AWESOME!  I wish I had 5 hours a day to workout so I could look that good!  I've lost a total of 90 lbs but have put back on 10+ pounds since last November.  Watching that show gave me a renewed sense of commitment.  Uh, although I still didn't do as well today as I would have liked.  I didn't do horrible either.   I didn't even recognize some of the contestants!

Dancing with the Stars.  Out of the final 3, the right person won.  And without telling you who won, can I just say Kirstie Alley looked awesome!  She lost a ton of weight too, although she will probably say it was because of her new weight loss supplement line, which is a total lie!  It was all the hours of dancing she did!  She also did great on that show for being almost 60 years old!

Well, sorry for the off-topic post! 

On topic, I ran 5 miles last Sunday according to my schedule that my personal trainer wrote up for me.  It was hot out that day and I'm not used to running in hot weather right now.  Also, since I'm still sick, that didn't help.  Those 5 miles were PAINFUL!  lol.  I wanted to quit so many times but I'm not a quitter when it comes to working out so I pushed through.  My time wasn't too horrible but it was worse than normal.  I did 5 miles in about 50:18.  I should be under 50 minutes for 5 miles. 

And can I tell you, my personal trainer Mike was bragging about his run the other day.  He ran 6 miles in 39 minutes.  Uh, what!?!  Mike, you are crazy!!! 

Have a great week everyone.


  1. I hate country music, so I wasn't a big fan of the last few episodes of American Idol.

    But, there is Extreme Makeover weight loss edition that starts next Monday! It will have to replace Biggest Loser! :D

  2. Hey kiddo I am hosting a Small Change Challenge to kick off Summer and lose a few pounds!

    Check it out and see if you want to join!

    There will be prizes!

  3. I will Tami! Thanks!