Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking News

News is on the horizon.  I’ve been wanting to mention this to all of you for a little bit now but with the blogging online world, you don’t know who might read it ahead of time that you don’t want to.  So I’ve been biting my tongue until I could tell you.  Now it’s open news!

I received an offer for a new job and I took it.  My last day at my current job will be next Friday.  The new job does the same type of law that I currently do.  I was hoping for a larger company than the one I work at now but it’s actually slightly smaller.  I hope it’s a good change for me.  The pay is better.  Most of the benefits are similar but they do offer a matching 401K.  Nice!  My place now offers a 401K but it’s not a matching one, so it’s really no more than a savings account.  And I will get a review and raise after 6 months!

When I told my attorney that’s retiring that I was going to leave, he did say that if I wasn’t happy at the new place, to let him know and he can put a good word in or try to get me in somewhere else.  I love him!  He was the best boss I ever had!  The nicest guy ever! If he weren’t retiring, this decision would have been a lot harder for me.  I will let you know how it goes after I start there. 

In other news, my personal training has been going pretty good.  Here were the highlights on Monday’s session:  he offered to take off his pants, he said I reminded him of his girlfriend, and I called him my ex-boyfriend’s name!  (Oops!!)

Ok here is the real version of that story:  I left my workout pants at home so he offered me his pants. When I looked at him funny, he volunteered that he had shorts on.  I still declined.  I thought that would be too strange!  Haha!

Then later, I yelled at him to pay attention to me.  It was out of fear that I was going to fall doing something and he was looking away.  “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!”  lol.  Afterwards, he told me I sounded like his girlfriend…”Pay attention to me!!”

And lastly, well, I called him Matt.  Which would be fine except his name is Mike!  I’ve been fighting calling him Matt since the first day.  He just reminds me of a Matt instead of a Mike.  But he looks nothing like my ex-boyfriend.

Lastly, my attorney pulled out an article in the Chicago Sun Times this morning for me.  Back in 2008 before I knew all of you, I had a friend that was murdered by two gang members.  He was not in a gang.  It was around 5:25 am on a Sunday morning and he was making sure a friend got home safely (they had been at a wedding and party that evening prior).  He was hailing a cab and was shot 3 times.  They didn’t know until about 6 months later who did it.  The two individuals were arrested and finally the trial started this week.  You can read the article from today’s paper here.  I hope they get put away for life.  Such a shame and a terrible tragedy!  He was 29, 1 week short of his 30th birthday.  When this happened, I was probably only about 3 miles away because I had just gotten downtown to run my second half marathon.  He was smart (just received his masters), had opened a pizza place about 6 months before, and was an overall nice guy!  Sorry, to be a downer at the end of the blog!

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Anyway, that’s all my news for now!  Have a great end of the week!


  1. Amanda!!! I've been having such a hard time keeping up with reading blogs this past week! Saw you made the Blueberry Iced Tea - glad you liked it!

    Congrats, congrats on your new job!!! I hope it's just the change you were looking for! Certainly sounds promising!

    You're doing great with the trainer. Funny about the pants! LOL! Glad things are on the upswing for you :)

  2. Congrats on the new job....Between that and training for the marathon, looks like you will have a GREAT summer....

  3. Congrats on your new job!!! I hope it's what you are looking for! You haven't sounded happy at your's for awhile!