Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day! (?)

Our Mother's Day was postponed last weekend.  I was in Columbus and my parents both had to work at the restaurants.  And my grandparents had just gotten back from their half year stay in sunny Florida!

So today is Mother's Day!  We are having it at my parent's house and my grandparents are coming over.  Just the 5 of us.  Nice and cozy.

But this morning I did a 5k!  I was running with Nick (aka Mr. Anonymous, aka my cousin's husband).  And he did great!!  I was there for the 5k for running support!  And we did it in around 29 minutes!  That's great!  I think the best time Nick ever ran a 5k was 31-32 minutes back in April!  Great job Nick!  Actually, I think the course was about 300 ft short according to my garmin!  This was a really small run (around 100 people). 

I am catching a cold again.  Can you believe it?  A few weeks ago I had the flu for two weeks, now a cold??  It's the weather!  80-90 degrees for several days, now 50's and rainy! 

But we just celebrated Mother's Day.  My dad made a famous meal that my grandmother used to make all the time...Oxtail Stew!  Oh, it might sound gross but it's so good!  I made a blueberry ice tea that I got through Marisa at Loser for Life too.  Here's a really bad picture from my phone...

Anyone have Oxtail Stew?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow - great job on the 5k time! I forgot to post it because I took a picture on my blackberry - but I did a 5k in 36:21, which is a new record for me I think! I have to double check it.

    I don't like oxtail stew, but I had a boss who loved it and I made it for his birthday every year.

    Crazy weather indeed - at least the sun is shining today! :D