Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Update

Hope you all haven't forgotten about me! I've been a bit quiet but am reading your blogs! 

I've been quiet on my own blog but am just trying to get my bearings with the New Year, the crazy Chicago weather, and my own fitness.

I'll update my running numbers when I put 2 in that I've missed putting in.  I know the number was in the 900's.  I think the 3 marathons back to back slowed my numbers a bit because I was always on "recovery" mode for a few months. 

I haven't made any affirmative goals for 2014 right now.  I know things I want to work on, such as my weight and overall fitness.  Trying to figure out the best way for me to go about it that will allow me to STAY on track. 

I did start training for a half marathon again.  Originally, I was just doing one in Las Vegas in April and probably near Seattle in May.  But the training for that would start until the end of January and I know I was already slacking in my running (from taking a mental break).  I felt like I needed to get back on the wagon.  So I decided to start training for the Get Lucky Half Marathon in Chicago on March 15th, whether I decide to do it or not.  I think I will sign up for it though.  So right now, with that race, I will have half marathons most likely in March, April, May, and July.

I've also signed up for an indoor triathlon on February 2nd and a Sprint Triathlon (with an Olympic distance swim!) in June.  Then I dislocated my shoulder yet again, which took me to the E.R., yet again.  I didn't actually see anyone in the E.R. because it went back in on its own but was dislocated for over an hour and therefore, was extremely sore for many days after.  I have vowed to do my rehab exercises daily (twice a day actually, although the morning one is slightly rushed).  I want to be able to do the swim for these triathlons.  I have been avoiding the pool for a bit to let my shoulder heal but I think I will try a bit of swimming this week and see how it feels. 

So that's me in a nutshell.  Hope you all have a wonderful 2014 filled with lots of happiness!


  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Will they allow you to use a kick-board for your triathlon? :) Hope it heals up soon!

    1. No probably not but I did a triathlon last year in Naperville (same place, swim is at Centennial Beach) and my shoulder was fine for it. And I had already had several dislocations by then. So I'm hoping the rehab exercises help.

  2. Yep, doing the exercises will help your shoulders immensely - I don't have any concrete goals either, just taking it a day at a time - it seems to work for me because each day I have a success, rather than waiting for a number on a scale - you know what I mean? Hugs! And yes, our weather has sucked ass this year!

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