Monday, December 23, 2013

Marathon Fever?

When I did the Fox Valley Marathon this September and had a rough time, I said I wasn't doing the Chicago Marathon or the Lakefront 50K that I signed up for. 

I toughed out the Chicago Marathon in October but said I didn't really want to do the Lakefront 50k I signed up for.

I did the Lakefront 50k in November and had the best time of all three...but swore I would never do another marathon ever in my life. 

I swore up and down that starting in 2014, the most I will ever run again is a half marathon. I was so confident of that fact that I told my boyfriend that he could slap me in the face if I signed up for anything more than a half marathon after 2013!  He actually recorded it for proof.  Maybe he knew something that I didn't?

Up until December 22, 2013, I was (at first) 100% confident in that statement, then slightly less confident but pretty sure (maybe) that I wouldn't do a full AT LEAST in 2014.

Then came December 23, 2013.  After weeks of hearing everyone talking about marathon training starting up right about NOW, I had an epiphany that I NEEDED to do a fall 2014 marathon.  Where did this come from?  What changed from last week to this week? 

Ok, saying I wasn't going to do a full EVER AGAIN was probably jumping the gun a bit.  But saying I wasn't doing to do one in 2014 was definitely reasonable.  My goals for 2014 included getting stronger, more physically fit, and losing weight.  I need to do these things to be a better runner.  And it's hard doing the marathons when I'm not in shape to do them.  And I know from experience that I CANNOT lose weight while training for a marathon. 

I was making my spreadsheet of the races for 2014 that I've already signed up for and ones I'm considering.  While looking at this list, I felt something was missing.  I have a couple triathlons planned, a duathlon, some half marathons.  But ONE THING was missing. The one thing that defines me from others.  Or the one thing that brings me closer to others!  A marathon. I was missing a marathon in my 2014 race schedule and I didn't like the feeling.  Am I being dramatic?  Oh yes, definitely!  But marathons are dramatic!  And so are marathoners!  And I didn't feel "complete" without doing a marathon in 2014.

And there came my obsessive search for fall marathons in 2014.  I have a one almost definite and some other possibilities.  And I'm excited!  SO EXCITED.  And yes, I will prepare my face for that slap!  And I will have a smile on my face!  Because I'm a marathoner!  ... And I enjoy pain?? 

Have a Very Merry Christmas!  And a Happy New Year!!


  1. Nothing wrong with signing up for the marathon... Especially if it's as core to your identity as you see! Just plan your strength/weight loss times to be prior to your fall training schedule. Have you tried the cross-fit that Amanda has been doing?

    1. Lauren - I tried that cross fit once before they were all going there, last December. I never went again. I did like it but get fearful because of my shoulder injuries. Plus I'm not going at 5 a.m.! lol

      I did just get a groupon to a different crossfit closer to me. 1 month unlimited so I'm going to try that after the new year!

  2. So which marathon are you doing? I'm strongly considering doing Chicago.

    1. Not sure. Have possibly Grand Rapids in mind. Probably won't do Chicago.

  3. Love it! I was thinking maybe another marathon BESIDES Chicago - a destination one would be fun!

    Merry Christmas Amanda!

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