Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santas, Santas, and more Santas!

This past weekend was the Santa Hustle 5k in Chicago.  I wouldn't normally plan on doing this race but my coworker told me she wanted to do it and asked if I would do it with her. Of course I said yes!  My coworker is not a runner but she thought this seemed like fun.  I just warned her... "Just so you know, it's in December and it might be really cold! If we sign up for it, we are doing it!"  She said she will do it. 

Needless to say, the temps for that day ended up being cold.  The high was supposed to be 20 but the low was supposed to be about 10.  I gave her some tips on what to wear.  We also had 5 other coworkers sign up for it so it was going to be fun.  Also a good way for me to get to know a few of my coworkers since I'm relatively new to the office.

Not gonna say much about the run except that, yes, it was cold.  At first I dressed in 3 thin layers but then decided to add an extra 4th layer since I knew I would be walking much of the run.  I also wore, 2 pair of socks, 1 pair of pants, 2 pairs of thin gloves (I need better gloves), a neck/face warmer, headband for my ears, and a santa hat.  The santa beard went with me too, I just didn't have it on my face.  I was actually just about perfect for the run.  The sun was out and only my finger tips were a bit cold for a while.

Let's just look at some fun pictures of the race!

Me before the run

My crazy coworker Elise that I ran/walked with

Photo bombed by the abominable snowman

Conrado, Kelly, Kristi, Me

This photo speaks for itself

Post Run - the whole gang (Bottom L-R: Brian, Kristi
Top L-R: Conrado, Me, Elise, Monika, Kelly)

This coming weekend...I will be seeing more Santas!  I signed up to do the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in Indianapolis on Sunday, December 15.  The reason?  Derek signed up to do it right after my Ultra.  I never wanted to run again at that time.  So I waited to see what I wanted to do with this half.  I would go either way.  So did I want to cheer and spectate?  Or did I want to run?  Well, at the time, not knowing how cold it would be and I was feeling better a few weeks after the Ultra, I decided to sign up for it.  My 6th half this year (I think??).  And the end of the 2013 race season for me.  Luckily, I think it's supposed to warm up to about 30 degrees (for a high) this weekend.  It will seem like a heat wave!

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