Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 was an AMAZING year

What?  You thought I gave up blogging?  Well, I definitely took a "break".  It might continue.  But reflecting on my 2013 year is something I should talk about!  I  mean, it was pretty amazing! Half Marathons, Full Marathons, Ultras, Duathlons, Triathlons, 200 mile relay (along with 5k's through 10 mile runs). It was quiet a year!

Half Marathons

I did 6 half marathons, which is the most I've done in one year.
- F^3 Half, Chicago (January)
Kelly, Maggie, Nicole, Me
Bad ass (socks)
 - Illinois Half, Champaign (April)
Derek and I
- Indianapolis Mini, Indianapolis (May)
Becky and I
- Rock N' Roll Half, Chicago (July)
My Charity UPS for DownS: Josh, Me, Liz
- Chicago Half, Chicago (September)

Me and Derek (my support staff)
- Santa Hustle, Indianapolis (December)

Derek and I
(Fell off blogging for those last two halves. Oops.  Spoiler...I finished them).


Um...did you say Ragnar Relay? Yes please!  I had tons of fun and it was super exhausting.  Running with 8 other friends of mine 200 miles from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL!  Can't say I would do this again in the near future but this is an experience I will never forget and puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.
My team before the race!

Running through the corn fields during my first leg

Team finish photo (including our drivers)

Duathlon and Triathlon

I participated in my first Duathlon and my first outdoor Sprint Triathlon!

Duathlon, Tinley Park (June)
F'N Runners at the Duathlon
Naperville Sprint Triathlon, Naperville (August)

Derek and I  - Triathletes!

I did 2 full marathons and 1 ultra marathon (50k).  Oh did I mention they were all within 6 weeks?  I guess I needed an extra challenge!  As much as I don't want to focus on any disappointment on here...I was initially disappointed with my times for the marathons.  BUT, when I think that I did 3 in 6 weeks, with 1 being an ultra...I CANNOT be disappointed in myself at all!  That also puts a smile on my face!  Especially since after Fox Valley, I said I wasn't doing the other two.  Then after Chicago, I said I didn't want to do the Ultra.  Then I had the best time at the Ultra!  So glad I did all 3!

- Fox Valley Marathon, St. Charles (September 22)

Me, Julie, and Meg at the start

Mile 21 with my support runner Jill. 
HUGE help is an understatement! Thanks Jill!
- Chicago Marathon, Chicago (October 13)

- Lakefront Ultra 50k, Chicago (November 2)
At the start L-R: Julie, Nicole, Me, Susan, Joe
Half way done!
Julie and I - Ultra marathoners!
Wow! Did I get it all?  How much fun did I have last year!  I also ran about 900 miles for the year. 
2014 may not have that many firsts or that much excitement but I'm trying to focus on quality rather than quantity this year.  Although hearing about my friend Julie signing up for as many full marathons as possible makes me wish I could do that along side her!  And my friend Jill signing up for her first FULL marathon this year.  And my friend Melanie doing her first Ultra this year!  I mean...I may not have these firsts, but my friends do. And you better believe I will be right along side of them cheering them on like they did for me this year!  Awesome friends and awesome memories.  Because in the end, the time it took me didn't matter, but they memories will last a lifetime!


  1. Holy cow! You had quite the year! I do the Indy Mini every year with a big group, and it's one of my favorite races! I also did the duathlon in TP with my sister-in-law. We entered as a team since I was pregnant so I did the running portion. It was such a blast!

    1. I definitely had fun at Indy but it wasn't my best half time. I will probably do it again in the future but not this year. Yes the duathlon was my first time and I had a great time...but underestimated it! It was harder than I expected. Will probably do it again this year!

  2. Love this!! What a great year! So many fun things! Cheer to 2014, lets see what crazy things we can find to do!

  3. Congrats on a great year!!

  4. I love this too! You are an inspiration to me, Amanda! I do crazy things because of you. Love you lots!!!! Can't wait to support each other in 2014!!!!

  5. What an awesome 2013 event recap Amanda! Great job!!