Thursday, May 31, 2012

Non-Runner Related Things

Let's just say I'm a little irritated with my inability to run well right now.  So with that, instead of spending a whole blog post whining and crying about it, I'll switch things over to some other things going on right now!  Yes, I do have a life outside of running, contrary to what some people may think.

1. Summer Hours - We get summer hours at this job.  And they are the best out of any summer hours I've ever gotten at any job.  Starting next Friday, as long as our work is done, we can leave at noon!  For the entire summer!  Sweet!!  I'm planning trips to museums and beaches!  Frankly I like to go to the beach in Indiana but if it's a Friday afternoon and just a L-ride beach it will be!

Pulled from Internet - Picture of Oak Street Beach
2.  My nephew Tony is coming in from Ohio for a month!  If anyone knows me, they know I love my nephew (and lived with him until he was 12).  He moved to Ohio when he was about 14.  Unfortunately, I work and so can't spend every waking moment with him.  And rudely, other people want to see him too!  Guess I'm not the only one that loves him! 

My nephew and I in April 2011 (he has it as his profile picture on fb...awww!!  He loves his Aunt!)

New picture my nephew took of himself because he got a much needed haircut!
3.  There is a new roller coaster at Six Flags Great America!!  And it looks awesome!!  My nephew just had knee surgery but unfortunately luckily he was walking by the end of that week.  I did mention to him before that though that maybe we could take advantage of it and get a wheelchair and ride all the coasters right away instead of waiting in long lines for hours for the good ones (hello....Raging Bull!!  Best roller coaster ever!).  However, it does not appear that we will be able to abuse the system take advantage of his knee surgery and if we want to go on the new ride, will probably have to wait in a line upwards of two hours!  I am not a fan of that at all...

New Six Flags Coaster in Gurnee, IL

X-Flight picture pulled from Internet
It's a winged coaster and everything about it looks cool!  I'm a total thrill ride junkie and my nephew has become my partner in crime.  We go on vacations and hit up baseball parks and amusement parks.  I'm still a kid at heart!  I really want to go on this ride!!

4. I've been drinking more water than I have in the past 6 months!  This is a very good thing as my lack of proper hydration probably contributed to some of my injuries the past training season (which I am not talking about in this post).  This holds 24 ounces of water but I think because of the straw, it's really easy to keep on my desk and just keep sipping out of.  I've been drinking about 3 of these at work alone. 

My new water bottle for work
5.  My mom's neighbor wants me to house sit/dog sit for her again (3rd year).  I do not mind staying at her house at all.  But I don't know if anyone knows what happened last year when I was there!!

Eeeekkkk!!!!!!  This was a problem that evening for about an hour!
If you know know I do not like large bugs!  Especially when I don't know what they are.  I was paralyzed with fear over this thing.  Then I LOST it!!  OMG!!!  Then I found it and tried to kill it with the very large book I was reading at the time.  It wouldn't die!!!  It was awful!  I finally killed it and the world was a much better place.

**Do you have any non-runner related things you are excited about or that are coming your way during the summer?


  1. I am doing a huge bike ride in June, I plan to hit the beach a LOT and I'm going skydiving. :)

    1. Oh fun!! And I've been skydiving twice (maybe around 2005). I LOVED IT!! There was talk with a few of my running friends that we may go this year. And I did tell my nephew I would take him when he is 18...which he turns in I might be going next year with him. He tends to chicken out of things though, so I told him if we went, I was pushing his ass out of the plane! Haha!

  2. Hooray for summer hours! I get them too!

  3. I am the same way about bugs! Last night I was wiping out the kitchen sink, and a huge spider was there and I didn't even see it until it crawled on my hand - ew!

    Hooray for summer hours!! So exciting!

    One thing I want to do is go to the Green City Market sometime this summer. :D

    1. Never heard about that market! Fun!