Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rockford Marathon - May 20

My spring marathon is over but there are other spring marathons upon us. At the First Midwest Bank Southwest Half Marathon (aka Palos Half) a few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, Susan, who is doing the Rockford Marathon on May 20th. I met Susan because I had a few long runs during training that I couldn’t run with my normal Yankee Runner group and posted a message on my Frankfort/New Lenox Running Group facebook page to see if there was anyone that would be able to run the miles with me. Susan responded both times and that’s how I met her. I love the convenience of facebook group pages sometimes.

After the Palos Half, I was talking to Susan about the upcoming marathon for her (her first one) and briefly, off-the-cuff mentioned that I should come down to support her at her first one! Susan looked thrilled that I would do that! Susan actually has family that lives there and will have a lot of supporters (and running supporters) during the marathon. After thinking about going to the marathon for a few minutes, I told her that I wouldn’t be able to drive down because my car is a piece of crap. She offered to have my drive with her and stay with her family the night before. I then just needed to make sure my schedule was clear for that weekend.

Susan and I met up later that afternoon at a party for our run group. I had realized earlier that we are celebrating Mother’s Day at my house a week late and it falls on the day of Susan’s marathon. I was completely bummed that I might not be able to go but Susan said it was completely fine if I couldn’t and she appreciated the fact that I even offered to go. I told her I would see if there is any way I would still be able to go and I would talk about it later. If I went, I would have to leave around 1:00 pm (not long after she finishes the marathon) to get back in time to eat dinner with the family.

Long story…um…long, we bounced back and forth ideas about driving down with her and coming back with her friend. My dilemma was that I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone (especially Susan)! I toyed with the idea of just driving my car there the night before and hope it doesn’t blow up on me! I even considered rushing to get a new car prior to that day so I can drive down there. Funny thing is, I’ve needed a new car for about 2 years and have not yet gotten one. Leave it to me to consider getting one immediately due to some running related issue! Haha!

I wasn’t sure who wanted me to go more to Susan’s marathon, me or Susan! I think I wanted to go so much because I know how I felt for my first marathon when I didn’t think I would have any supporters, and I know how I felt with the supporters that I did have come out. The difference is, Susan will have supporters. Her brother is even a Boston Marathoner and he will be there running with her for a portion. So, in my mind, it’s not like Susan “needs” me to come. But what can I say? I want to go and support a friend no matter how many supporters she has there! To me, first marathons are important ones. I want them to be memorable. I want the first time marathoner to have such great memories of that day because it will be the only first one they have!

Anyway, Susan then threw a plan across the table saying that I can drive down with her Saturday, eat dinner and do all that fun stuff the day before. The next day, I can take her car (she’s giving me a car?? Sweet!!) and drive home. She will then catch a ride back with a friend and pick up her car later (damn…she isn’t giving me a car!). I was all for that idea as long as it was completely ok with her! And she said it works out great for her. Works out great for me. Deal done!!

So this weekend, I will be spectating at the Rockford Marathon. Maybe I should just become a marathon spectator instead of a runner?? Hm….

Susan is going to do great at her marathon. Her training has been going so well. I’m really excited to see the outcome!

This weekend works out well for this because I have two extra days off (Friday and Monday) due to the NATO Summit that will be held in Chicago this weekend.  Read about some of the travel restrictions on Running Kellometers blog.  I'm one of the lucky workers that was given that day off for safety reasons and because of the hectic travel down here those days.  I will not complain about 2 free days off of work with pay!  It seems to be a little crazy already with strange barriors going up around fountains, the Picasso at the Daley Center, and around buildings like Boeing.  There was a rally in Bridgeport last night (near my dad's work) that seemed a little crazy, and that's not even the half of it.  Should be an interesting weekend to watch the news in Chicago.

Of course, this would have been a great weekend to have gone to visit my nephew in Ohio.  He just had knee surgery and I would love to have gone to see him.  But with my car situation and us having Mother's Day, it was not going to happen.  But he is doing good and will be up and walking by the end of the week anyway. 


  1. I'm running rockford, and it's my first too!! My mom lives on the course!! Good luck to susan!! (sorry for excessive exclamation points.) :)

    1. Yay!! Good luck!! I'll be cheering for ya too!