Thursday, September 1, 2011

Half Marathon meet up?

A goal of mine is to do a half in as many states as possible.  I've only accomplished two: Illinois and Ohio.  I was throwing this around at a fellow blogger on facebook the other day and it got me thinking about it again.  With the marathon training, my mind is full and I haven't been thinking on much past this coming October!

But I would love to meet a few of my fellow blogger friends, a half marathon in 2012? 

Do any of you want to help arrange something?  Any ideas on a good half marathon meet up?  Throw the idea around with some of your blogger friends too and let's get started!

In Marathon training news:

This week is a big running week.  This will be the most miles in a single week I've ever done (and my body is feeling it).  My pace is slower.  My knees are sore.  My ankle is sore.  My toe is sore.  I realized the other day, the only thing that wasn't sore after my 9 miles was the IT band that was hurting me!  Maybe I had too much else to worry about.  My miles this week were 4, 9, 5 and Saturday I'm doing 18!

I was starting to get whiny about the training.  "I'm tired!"  "I can't run anymore!"  "My whole body hurts!"  Whine, whine, whine!!  Then I read something in a magazine and it hit home.  I just have to survive the next two weeks (after this one).  September 18th, I will be doing the 20 miles but after that...we taper back until the marathon.  I actually saw a glimmer of light!  And the magazine article also said this is the point in training when your whole body DOES hurt.  It's the point where your runs might be slower!  It made me realize that what I'm feeling is normal.  I almost felt like maybe this was just too much for me!  But I feel better after that article!  I'm sure glad I saw that and read it.

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