Friday, September 30, 2011

Weigh In Results

As my struggle to get back down to my weight watchers goal weight continues, I weighed in today like a good little weight watcher.  I was down 1.2 lbs!  I'll totally take that.

Given the marathon training, I have laid off of beating myself up with the lack of weight loss.  It's not easy to lose weight when training for the marathon.  You have to eat more food.  You have to eat more carbs and protein.  But I have gone down a few lbs here and there since training.  I'll take it!  I've gone down many inches though.  Whether that be from all the running or working out with my personal trainer (or a combo of both), I'll take it!

Speaking of my trainer.  My gym has been closed all week because they are switching locations.  That's fine with me, I run and I can use another location this week.  But I haven't seen my personal trainer.  That would be ok except starting last Friday, my hamstrings were really REALLY tight!  All the stretching in the world wasn't helping.  Tuesday, my trainer texted me to tell me gym info and I told him my problem.  He had 2 words: Hot Tub!

After rolling my eyes and thinking "Where am I going to get a hot tub at??"  I realized that I have a whirlpool tub and can fill it with hot water!  Duh!  (Yes, I said "Duh").  That night, soaked in a hot tub.  The next day my hamstrings were 85% better!  Like magic!  I swear, I think some people come into your lives and certain times for a reason!  And I think it was meant to be for me to hire Mike as my personal trainer soon before starting marathon training!  And I hired him without knowing he's a marathon runner!  Perfect combo!

Of course, I can't forget all of you either.  I've gotten helpful words on this blog, through personal email and on facebook from all of you with regard to the marathon!  It helps so much!

There is less than 9 days left.  LESS THAN 9 DAYS!  Can't wait to blog about it!

What am I going to do about my blog name then?  After I run the marathon, I'll have to think of a new goal!!!

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  1. Great job on the weight loss!!! Can't wait to read about the marathon!