Monday, October 3, 2016

Goals and Fun!

Happy October!! This year is flying by! It seems to go faster and faster every year!

The wedding and my busy work has thrown me off the blogging world lately but I promise to get back to it!

I do have a goal that I have very much looking forward to next year. That is if a happy (and wanted) curve ball doesn't get thrown my way before then.

I would LOVE to do a half ironman! I think I have ability in all 3 sports to be able to accomplish this goal! Now that my shoulder is fixed, I can build up the strength and won't have to worry about dislocating it anymore on the swim!

I love biking! Now, biking for 56 miles and then doing a half marathon right after would be a challenge but definitely doable. For the run, you just put one foot in front of the other and repeat.

Thinking of doing a half ironman makes me feel so excited! I never was an athlete. In fact, calling myself an athlete now still feels weird and made up. But doing marathons and ultras, distance biking and a century, a few smaller triathlons, I guess not everyone doing that.  So to think that I could possibly do a half ironman and finish! Amazing! And I know if I start it, I will finish.

So my next thing is to think about which half ironman to do. I would preferably like one later in the summer so I have more time to train (and bike outside). But I know I run the risk of it being incredibly warm (although in Chicago, you run that risk any time). So I will start considering my options and see which might be best, and which might be "newbie" friendly.

In other news, I'm going on my honeymoon very soon!!  Yippee! Where, you ask? Hawaii!!  I will definitely share more about this with you all soon. I'm just looking forward to fun in the sun!

In "technical difficulties" news: I'm lost my blog roll. Where are all of you at??  I haven't had much time to figure this out but how did it drop off my blog? Sigh... to be determined.

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  1. Very exciting that you are thinking of a half ironman! Have fun in Hawaii! The blogroll fell off of the Chicago Running Bloggers site as well.