Monday, August 22, 2016

Upcoming Racing Schedule

Now that things are starting to return to normal, let's see what my current racing schedule is like...

I'm running but have no scheduled races. Ok, that's not necessarily true. I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5k in Kankakee in December. It's actually my current PR. As much as I don't expect to PR this race, it's a fun one that several of my friends are also doing so why not!

I might do a 5k in September and put some of the speedwork I've been doing to the test. As much as I don't expect to PR that one either, I should be able to do better than the 30 min 5k's I've been doing as of late! For the record, my PR 5k is 26:22. I'd love to be able to run my 5k in 28 minutes right now.  TBD...

I'm just generally enjoying my time "not racing" and not running any half marathons or full marathons.  I don't have to run on the weekends. I can bike or walk instead. I do run at least 2 times a week though because I don't want to completely lose it! I'm just running free and happy.

I do get a little envious over my friends that are training for marathons right now. I see their posts, their triumphs and their struggles. I do kind of miss that sometimes. But I know a break is necessary for me right now.

I am also toying with doing the Hot Chocolate 15k in October again. I only did it once in 2010. I'm just not sure yet. I know that the distance wouldn't be a problem. It's the logistics of ... getting up early and heading downtown. I'm tired of doing that! lol.

Anyone else doing the Hot Chocolate?


  1. Us marathoners are envious of you guys who don't have to do any high mileage weeks in all of the heat/humidity! :) Yes, I usually do the Hot Chocolate. I like the course because it covers some of the Chicago Marathon course. Also 15k is a fun distance.

    1. Very true Pete! I do think about that!

      Ok maybe I'll see you at the Hot Chocolate!