Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The biggest race of my life...

Where have I been? Oh yeah...I've been losing my mind. No big deal.

Actually things are well.  I did ride that century in July in Princeton Illinois. It's called the Z-Tour and the hills are NO JOKE! OMG! I thought I would die trying to get up them and I thought I would die riding down them! And they just wouldn't stop. For 100 miles. It was exhausting! It took us 7.5 hours of riding, which was definitely longer than the "under 7" I anticipated it would take us! Weather was good but it did get warm by the second half. 

Actually, many times someone would say to me "This is the last hill" or "This is the last major hill" or "This should be the last of the hills, the rest is relatively flat"... It was all a lie. There were still plenty more hills. Plenty. It was like some sick joke they play on the newbies.'s the last hill...hahahaha! Sucker! lol

I'm proud of us though. We toughed it out and made it through. Granted the last 10 miles were just about all single digit pace. lol.  We didn't fight (meaning, I didn't get angry and mile 50 like usual and yell at him). In fact, we said we would kiss at mile 50 just to make sure we wouldn't fight. And we did. That was fun. lol.  Anywho, the scenery was beautiful since you are riding all those hills. You get some great views.  

After the ride. I think I was leaning on my bike because I didn't want to stand. Probably.

This about sums up my ride

And the big day is finally almost here! We have had showers a-plenty. I should write more about them because my friends are amazing!  We had the main one from my family. My run group threw me a surprise one after my Thursday night run (they are awesome people!), and my coworkers threw me a surprise one too (they are also awesome people!). 

With the wedding hashtag #TaylorMade2016 (lol)

Run group wedding shower - I love them!
Work shower

Derek was in on it and showed up to surprise me *love*

Sunday is the big day! Eeeekkkk!!  Thank goodness. Because I'm tired. Work is busy and my mind is packed with wedding info. I just can't think anymore. lol. But as long as we show up, we will be getting married!!  Wish me luck. As one of my run friends said to me..."This is the biggest race of my life, but I CAN DO IT!"  (Awesome!)