Monday, July 6, 2015

January - June 2015 Review

Clearly I'm not doing monthly recaps like I did last year. But I'm still recording it. I think because I didn't set any mileage goals, I haven't posted about it. But here is how my year is shaping up half way in!  It has definitely been a bumpy year.


Run Miles: 33.51
Barre Classes: 9
Bike Miles: 5
Additional Cross Days: 2

January was so long ago but what I do remember is that I intentionally cut down my run miles. I was so burnt out from all my races last year that I knew I needed a mental break. I also had a month unlimited to The Dailey Method and took 2-3 barre classes every week.


Run Miles: 40.16
Cross Days: 4

February was a bit all over the place. I went to Louisiana for vacation (but did run once on vacation)! I got engaged! Yay! Then ended up in the ER the next day. Turns out I'm ok but I did take a solid week off because of it. So Louisiana, engagement, and ER all happened within 1 week of each other. Glad February ended...minus the engagement. That was nice! :)

In Louisiana with my love!

Ooohhh sparkly!!

Run Miles: 66.26
Bike Miles: 13.31
Cross Days: 2

In March I tried to get my running back a bit. I knew I had a half coming up in April and also I had intended to do the full marathon in Iowa in June. Things were looking a bit up and up...except the running was pretty rough and slow. I kept plugging along.


Run Miles: 56.92
Bike Miles: 37.06 + 2 spin classes (no mileage on bikes)
Walk Miles: 2.35
Barre Classes: 1
Additional Cross Days: 1

I did the Lincoln Half Marathon on April 4th. It definitely wasn't a fast half marathon but I had fun nonetheless. I would definitely do this one again given the opportunity.  Then things once again took a turn for the worse. I was out a full week because I got sick. Most people on the planet got sick around this time. Then while I was sick, I got a painful lump which turned out to be an abscess and had a minor surgery near the end of April. This took me out for a while. For the next 3 weeks, I could only do some minimal walking.

Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon

Run Miles: 32.46
Walk Miles: 13.72
Bikes Miles: 39.75

Don't be fooled by all these wonderful stats. For the first 2 weeks of May, I could only do some minimal walking. I also missed out on 2 half marathons that I had previously registered for since I couldn't run.  I finally upped the walking in the 3rd week to some walk/run intervals once my incision starting healing a bit. At first, I forgot where the bike miles came in at because I could not sit on a bike for a while, then I remembered that I did Bike the Drive for 32 miles near the end of the month. I also did 1 bike/run brick workout. I needed to start triathlon training stat now that I could mostly workout again. The only thing I really could not do was swim yet until the incision healed.

Bike the Drive

Run Miles: 68.43
Bike Miles: 29.29
Speed Workouts: 4
Cross Days: 2

Once I made the decision that I was no longer doing the full marathon in Iowa this month and switched to the half, I felt better. I was almost out of running for a full month from end of April to part of May. I knew the half would be hard too but I could get through it. Yes, I realized I never wrote a recap. It was hot. And hard. I got through it.  I also started going to a speed group on Tuesday mornings with my run group. That has been tons of fun! I'm hoping it helps get my running back a bit more. I'm starting to feel like my old self again (mostly). But yup...still no swimming! Yikes! That triathlon in July might be tough! (Spoiler, I've gone swimming twice so far in July to prep).

Wow! That was a lot going on in this first half of the year. From hospitals and doctors, to being sick, to surgeries. It's been a bit bumpy. I'm just trying to roll with the punches.


  1. Glad to hear you are now able to sit on a bike for at least 32 miles! Good decision to switch to the half last month. I'm also glad to hear you are going to your speed group. The work you put in on those Tuesdays will be reflected in faster results come race day(s). Good luck with the triathlon!

    1. Thanks Pete! I actually did 68 miles on the bike on the 4th of July. BUT...that was hard! lol. The speedwork is a nice change of a normal routine and I know that's good.

  2. Yep, just have to roll with the punches! Love these recaps Amanda - have a great weekend!