Friday, February 1, 2013

January...It's a wrap!

January came in and went out just as fast!  Time flies when you get old!  So, how'd it go??

Total Run Miles: 103.68
Total Bike Miles: 6.08 plus 1 spin class
Total Swim Distance: 3,250 meters (2 swim workouts)

Overall, I'm pleased with January.  I ran over 100 miles in a non-training month, which is unheard of for me!  I'm usually more around 70 miles.  I actually plan to scale it back a bit in February and give my legs a break...hoping to do more spinning classes and swimming.  I unfortunately left my bathing suit at the gym the other day and didn't realize it for 3 days.  I called but it's gone. Total sadness.  I need a new one now.

Other January news:  Chicago got virtually no snow.  It mostly looked like this...
I ran a half marathon with some of my F'N Run Friends, my first cold half marathon...
We got a little snow the day before the race...
But running the whole 2nd mile in snow didn't stop me from a 2 minute PR!

I went from a 2:13 PR from 1.5 years ago...running a 2:29 and 2:24 half in June and July (anemia, heat, and a dislocated shoulder got the best of these) PR'ing my last 3 half marathons and shaving 10 minutes off my original PR time!

September 2012: 2:09:29

River Run Half in Cleveland, Ohio

December 2012: 2:05:15 (short course??)

Santa Hustle Half in Sandusky, Ohio
January 2013: 2:03:06!

F^3 Half - Bad Ass socks...
I seem to do well either running races in Ohio...or dressing in costume.  That may be the key factors in my PR's!  Which also might be why I'm seriously considering the Columbus Marathon as my second fall marathon this year...I do well in races in Ohio for some reason. And in Columbus, I get free room and board because my brother lives there.

February Goals:

1.  Eating:  My eating habits haven't been the best.  I actually joined weight watchers online today to get it back under control.  Since I've done weight watchers in the past and even made my goal and lifetime status, I know how to do it.  And paying money for something seems to give me better motivation to keep going!  Since I'm not training for a marathon right now, I think it should work well.

2.  Cooking:  I'm going to start making a meal at least once per week for February.  This will help with weight watchers and will save me money.

3.  Vitamins:  I seemed to have forgotten all about my vitamins and supplements in January.  I basically took NONE!  And considering I need to keep my iron level up, that's not good.  So I need to take my multivitamin, my iron, and my Vitamin D every day! NO EXCUSES!  This is super important for me.

4.  Strength Training/Core Work:  I was doing well on this (at least incorporating it once a week) but some how I lost it the last two weeks.  I'm picking it back up for February and also doing this challenge posed by Run with Jess.

Her February Challenge includes skull crushers, planks, side planks, push-ups!  Sign me up please!!

I guess that's enough February Goals (in addition to keep my original 2013 goals).

To end...I ran with my Thursday run group yesterday.  The weather was "iffy" and I posed a question to those that wanted to come to tell me honestly if they were going to show up.  A few cancellations still occurred...but 4 of us brave souls still made it!  And once again...bundled up, it actually wasn't too bad!  I appreciate the support from my group!  It was about 10 degrees, with a "feels like" temp of -7 and wind gusts around 25 mph!  Hardcore guys!!  And I get to spend a little extra "quality" time with my boyfriend Derek...  those that freeze together, stay together...right??? 

Derek, me, Sharon, Julie


  1. Congrats on the PR and good luck on your goals. Who would steal someone's swimsuit? I sometimes see left swimsuits in the locker room but never touch them. -7 degrees. Awesome! I love training in these temps. Good workout without having to run fast, and I feel awesome the rest of the day.

    1. I'm not a fan of this weather...but running with friends sometimes helps!

  2. Way to go, girl! You're doing great this year!

  3. Let me know if any stores in the area are selling suits ... I realized a couple months ago that I need a new one for the gym and couldn't really find any. Although now is the time they start putting out swim suits for summer, right? Maybe I will actually find something.

    1. I think I got a suit last time at Dicks or sports authority but it was summer then! Not sure what's there right now. Guess it doesn't matter now, as I won't be swimming for a while :(

  4. Anonymous2/02/2013

    Wow great month Amanda!! I have yet to get to 100 miles in a month, although it's been my goal for a while, hopefully soon!

  5. That's awesome mileage Amanda! And did I miss a post? Your BOYFRIEND Derek?? How did I miss that info??!!

    1. Biz, I didn't really write anything about it much on here. Met him running in December. He's pretty awesome.