Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What goes up...

What goes up, must come down, right?

My January went just a touch too well...and February needed to bring me back down to reality.  Thanks February! As much as you are my favorite month...you really shouldn't be as you test my patience every year!

I'll be making this short...not because I don't love you all...but because it's hard to type right now and the "hunt and peck" typing with my left hand just makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my keyboard.

Remember when I dislocated my shoulder last July?  Well, like most dislocated shoulders, I dislocated it again on Sunday night.  No, it wasn't because I was cheering and partying at a super bowl party (I was asked that about 12 times in the ER that night).  It was because I didn't take care of some ice by my front porch.  And no, I didn't fall down to dislocate my shoulder when I slipped on the ice (that would make too much sense).  I just swung the arm with the previously dislocated shoulder like a wild woman doing a back stroke.  And yup, that hurt.  Oops...think I'm not ok and have to take another trip to the ER for the second time within 7 months when I've never had to go for myself in the 33 years previously!

In all fairness, this ER visit was much better than the last one (if ER visits can be better).  They didn't make me stay there for 6 hours.  I didn't have to wait 3 hours for pain meds.  Derek took me there and stayed with me the whole time brushing my hair back and wiping the tears off my face after I broke down in tears from the pain of the doctor putting my shoulder back in place.  I'm telling you, 1 in a million.  (Want to hear more of how wonderful he was quickly...I must share)...I slept in his recliner since I can't sleep in bed and he slept on the couch in case I needed anything. Cooked me breakfast. Drove me around places I needed to go. And called in to work so he could take care of me the whole day (I'd never ask someone to do that for me).  Ok...enough of all that greatness...let's move back to life sucking...

So, my arm is in a beautiful sling again.  Similarities between this time and last time:

1. I dislocated my shoulder in July 3 weeks before having a triathlon.  I was going to do an indoor triathlon in 3 weeks this time too...um...weird!

2. I had a half marathon 1.5 weeks after dislocating it in July.  I have a run 1 week after dislocating it this time (although I ran the half, I'm not running this 5-miler).  It's not as important as the half was to me.

3. I was doing a push-up challenge last July that I couldn't complete.  This month I was doing the February Fitness Challenge which includes planks, pushups and skull crushers...which I can now NOT complete.

I guess that about sums it up.  My shoulder hurts but is not in as much pain as the last time.  I think I dislocated it worse last time and since it was my first time, probably hurt worse.  Everyone keeps talking about shoulder surgery now but I'm going to try other things and if possible, not go the surgery route unless it's necessary.

The good thing...I'm not training for a marathon this time!  I also was going to cut back on my running "slightly" this month...although this isn't quite what I had in mind.

And I forgot to put deodorant on this morning...which is actually pretty difficult for me to do right now anyway (sorry co-workers).  Also, hurts like hell to attempt to put on a bra (sorry guys...tmi?).  Can't put my hair in a ponytail, or do anything but brush it for that matter.  I just looked in the mirror and I look like hell.

Did you know...Chicago finally got some snow that is actually sticking around a few days (we've got a little more since then)...Took my camera during my hilly run on Saturday.


  1. Sorry about your shoulder again! I think the signing up for triathalons is an omen! j/k!

  2. Luckily I procrastinated and never actually signed up for the indoor tri yet...so at least I'm not out that money. But yeah, that triathlon stuff...weird to me.

  3. Awww Derek is so sweet :) I'm sorry to hear you dislocated your shoulder though :( I hope you don't have to have surgery.

    1. I know right Maggie! I had to share that for a second! And thanks. Although not super excited it was dislocated so soon after the last one just swinging my arm! That doesn't seem good to me!

  4. Oh my! That's freaky that you had this happen again w/ so many coincidences! I'm glad to hear you had someone sweet taking care of you! :) Keep us posted!

  5. Oh no! I've had some shoulder pain for a month, I keep hoping its going to go away, but so far it hasn't - I can't even sleep the way I want to because it hurts.

    Hang in there! And woop that Derek is awesome! :D So happy for you!

  6. ohhh no!! not the shoulder again!! I think i would die if i couldn't put my hair in a ponytail!! Derek sounds like a sweetie :)

    Feel better!!

  7. Youch! I've never dislocated anything but it sounds painful! I signed up for my first full (in May) and one of my fears is getting injured in ANYway that would hamper my training!!!

  8. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Sounds painful. At least you hadn't signed up for the tri and weren't training for a marathon. Get well soon! :-)

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