Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Change & Music

Hi everyone,

My small change last week was to really monitor what I was eating before I ate it. Assess whether I was hungry or not. And did I really want the item. Sometimes I even took as long as 1/2 hour before eating the item, to make sure I really wanted it. It helped! I lost 3.4 lbs last week (although I also kicked butt in exercise). I did start slacking at the end of the challenge last week though so I give myself 70% success rate overall.  I'm kind of disappointed that I start slacking at the end but it's not perfection I'm after, it's progress.

This week my small change challenge will be to incorporate the same challenge last week but also to make sure I get all my vitamins in!! I haven't been getting any in for the last 2 months or more!  I've been sick for 2 months (the past 1 month with just a cold) and I still have the cold!  Everyone keeps asking me if I've been taking my vitamins.  I say every time, "No, but I know I should be!"  Then they roll their eyes and laugh! 

My full load of vitamins include:
Iron (I'm anemic)
Vitamin D
Fish Oil Pills
Vitamin C (Which I should really be taking right now!!)

I think I need one of those "old people" vitamin cases for the days of the week!!  Haha!!

Next order of business.  I need to update my music on my phone.  What music do you guys have on your playlist for when you are working out and/or running??  Please give me your suggestions!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Amanda, you are gonna crack up - I just went out and bought the same vitamins! I've never been a vitamin-taker EVER, but I feel like I'm needing an extra boost lately. Aaaand, I bought a vitamin case with days of the week and AM/PM on it! LOL! See, we're like twin sisters! Now, go out an get your plastic vitamin case, you whippersnapper ;)

  2. That change sounds good! Way to go!! I like anything by Eminem when I run. Yay.

  3. I'm with Mallory...Eminem is tops on my lists...Great beat...

    Not sure your taste in music, but you almost want to find a range....My experiences with workouts is its gotta keep it upbeat. Just because I love a song, I hesitate to put it on my run list if it's "mellow".

    Hope the running is going well...