Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's in the Measurements!

For those of my blogger friends that were here (or are here) because they were attempting to lose some weight, did you take your measurements before you started?

I never did.  I started weight watchers in May 2007.  I reached my goal weight in July 2010.  It took me 3 years but I wouldn't trade a day of that for anything.  I lost about 90 total pounds.  Since last November, I gained a few back and am now about 10 lbs above the goal weight range. 

In April, I decided to join a different gym and also get a personal trainer (that gym was having a special on training sessions at that time).  My personal trainer's name is Mike.  He is 26, very nice guy and a runner as well!  He runs marathons also. 

I'm a pessimistic person about myself.  It's very hard for me to congratulate myself on things.  I can be very optimistic when it comes to others, however.  And Mike is very optimistic!  He is very encouraging during our sessions, makes me try to believe in myself and also is a great support for my running. 

Mike also took my measurements when we started training together two months ago.  For the last few weeks, he has been telling me that he wanted to re-take the measurements and see how it was going.  He kept forgetting and I didn't want to remind him for fear there was going to be no change!

I had only lost about 3-4 lbs and was disappointed.  I told him I didn't want to see the results.  I said he could look at them but I didn't want to see.  To which he responded, "Are you SURE you don't want to freakin' see this???"  Well, of course then I said I would!  And I lost about 1.5 inches everywhere!  Waist, hips, legs, etc.  He added up and the total inches lost were 9 inches!  He was very pleased.  He also tested my cardio and I moved up in that 9 points (whatever that means) and went from the "poor" category to the "fair" category.  Seriously, how was I ever in the "poor" category anyway!  He said moving up 9 pts was very good.  My BMI was down a few and everything was better!

So if you are struggling to lose a few lbs, maybe take your measurements!  The scale isn't the only factor in getting healthier and losing weight. 

My small change goal this week from Tami at Nutmeg Notebook is to not eat after 9:00 pm.  The only exception to that is a glass of milk (if I still need a dairy), or I can eat a small dinner if I haven't yet because I got home late, or veggies for a snack.  That's it!!


  1. That is AWESOME, Amanda!!!! Glad your training sessions are working for you!!!

  2. Congrats! That's a great accomplishment!

  3. Awesome post Amanda! You make such a good point that the scale is but one way to measure our healthy improvements! Congrats to you!

  4. Thank you everyone! It did feel good!

  5. Yep - the scale isn't the only measurement of success - I too have only lost about 5 pounds in the last month, but I can now easily fit into size 12 pants, that are already beginning to be a bit loose.

    Great job!

  6. Great job Amanda!!