Monday, December 1, 2014

November in Review

It's December! Where is the year going?  Let's see how November shaped up!

November in Review

Running Miles: 79.84 miles
Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 11
Cycling Miles: 0 - My spin classes don't show bike miles and I did do 1 class so there's that!
# of workout days in October: 19 (63%)

Running Miles: 79.84 miles. Not bad. My goal is always 83.33 miles a month because that's what averages out per month to reach 1,000 for the year. But I am a bit ahead of that. I just don't want to leave too many miles on tap for December. I'm trying to slack! (Yes you read that right!).  I'm running but trying to take a bit of a break. I think I need it mentally.  Probably because that Ultra just did me in this month!  And on top of that, I did have 2 half marathons (which I still need to blog about) this month as well.

Lakefront Ultra 50k - Nov 1st
Valparaiso Half Marathon - Nov 9th

Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half Marathon - Nov 29th

Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 11!  That's a far cry from the one day I squeezed out last month. There's a good reason for that. I bought a 1 month unlimited (which got changed to 5 weeks unlimited) to Pure Barre. I was trying to squeeze as many days in as possible but still run and still rest. It's hard with work though.  I went to Pure Barre 8 times this month, The Dailey Method 2 times, which is a new studio that opened up, and I went to 1 spin class. I'd ideally like to go to spin class more often but they don't have many times at my gym that I can make so I'm not sure. I have 1.5 weeks left at Pure Barre but also bought a 5 week unlimited at The Dailey Method to use when Pure Barre is finished! Hoping to strengthen this core of mine!

At The Dailey Method (I'm on the left and Meghan is in the middle in the gray)
I will have to do another Pure Barre review and when I start going to The Dailey Method, I will have to review that and give a comparison of the two.  They are completely different from what I saw (which is a good thing).

Cycling Miles - Again, no cycling miles. It's winter. I did do 1 spin class but they don't say how far we've gone.  I will have to get my bike trainer and bike together and start riding that. But I need to get a thingy (technical term) that tells you how far you've gone. I don't have that yet.

# of workout days in November - 19 out of 30! Hey, not bad! It's because I was squeezing in the barre days and not just sitting on my butt when not running. But I still like my rest days so I need to get those in too. It's an important part of my recovery and not injuring myself.

I'm hoping for lots of fun stuff in December. And that doesn't necessarily include running. I am doing the Jingle Bell 5k in Kankakee In December but that's the only race I'm scheduled for.


  1. Congrats on all of the miles and on closing in on 1,000. I was wondering why your monthly goal was 83.33. Looking forward to your Schaumburg Half recap! :)

    1. Thanks Pete! Last year I was in the 900's but too far away to try to get it to 1,000.

  2. Great job on the mileage! I think I'm going to try for a 1000 miles in 2015! We'll see how that goes!

    1. Thanks! Had a slow start with the way winter was and was behind all the way until marathon training, but marathon training definitely picked up the miles for me!

  3. Hey Amanda - thanks so much for your virtual hugs about my Tony. I smiled when you thought the Memorial would be changed to a venue closer to you! Once I get back to the gym and get in better shape, we'll have to do a 5k together. Hugs!