Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

I just wanted to post briefly instead of not posting at all.  I haven't been motivated to blog because I don't feel like I have a whole lot to say regarding running right now.  If this was a personal life blog, I'd have tons to say...but it's not. 

My running has been going well.  Um...Yup, that's all.  Actually I have been running hills more often and I think I'm getting better at them.  Last Saturday I did 9.35 miles on hills with some of my Yankee Runners and a few F'N Runners joined us as well.  This was the same hilly area (Palos Park) that I trained for my spring marathon last year.  My friend Shelby was only going to do 6, so I looped back with her and a few others (including Jill and Melanie) and then headed back out with Jill and Melanie to finish up the 9 miles they wanted to do.

Melanie, Jill, me after our 9 mile hilly run.
I didn't run all week because it's been about 0 degrees (give or take) and I just felt running in those temps just wasn't really necessary.  I usually don't wimp out on the cold but I decided to do a few other things. 

Since I got that new gym membership, I decided to try a spin class the other day.  I've taken a couple spin classes in the past and what I have come to find out with that or any other classes, it's all in the personality of the instructor.  This instructor was somewhat boring BUT...I really felt like I got a good workout so I might go back anyway.  It was tough and I was all sweaty when I finished and my legs were burning!

I did finally run this morning.  What?  Are you confused?  Yes, I said this morning.  If you know me, you know I run in the evenings after work (with the exception of Saturday) because I hate getting up early.  I've run in the morning before work in the past and I feel like it's a struggle and that I'm half asleep while running!  But since I have "very important plans" after work, I decided to give it a try.  It was about 12 degrees (which was about 14 degrees warmer than the morning before).  I dressed appropriately (shocker!) and headed out.  I just wanted to do 30 minutes, whatever mileage that came out to be.  It didn't feel too bad temp-wise in the beginning.  And even though it wasn't completely light out yet, it wasn't as dark as the evenings when I run.  It seems more peaceful and I actually kind of enjoyed it!  However, by the 3rd mile, I felt as though it got a little bit colder and windy.  I was trying to keep an nice easy pace (maybe around 9:30 or whatever my body felt was easy) since I have the F^3 half marathon this weekend.  I'm guessing the cold had something to do with my pace.  I started easy and just got faster (without being aware of it).  My splits were 9:33, 9:19, 9:11 for the 3 miles (8:52 for the last 0.22 since I did 3.22 miles in the 30 minutes).  So much for easy pace.

The next big thing for me is the half marathon this weekend.  It's going to be a high of about 24 degrees so a little colder at race time.  I've never run a half marathon is temps less than about 50 degrees!  Luckily, I've run long runs and short runs in cold temperatures so I should be able to adjust.  I'm not really running for time.  My goal for this race is to try to start conservative and finish strong.  I have a big problem pacing myself at longer runs and generally start out way too fast! 

What time of day do you run and why?  If you are a evening runner, have you tried running in the morning before work and what are your thoughts on it?


  1. I tend to run in the evening, but my schedule has been a little wack-a-doo lately. Good Luck this weekend!

  2. I actually got up and went to the gym this morning! I was so proud of myself and I felt great all day because of it!