Friday, November 30, 2012

What a week!

First...did you see my guest post on Running Kellometers blog from the other day?  If not, go check it out!  I'm kinda famous!  ;-)  Thanks for letting me be a part of it Kelly!

Ok, I've been sitting on this post for the past 2 days but I just can't get my head together today to finish it.   So this is all you're getting.  Sooo sorry!  I'll be back to my normal self next week.  It's been kind of a rough week personally for a few reasons.  One I can't talk about.  The other was coming home from work to find this...

Yeah, that's my car. With the side window smashed.  I just stood there for like 5 mins staring at it while another woman from the train kept repeating "Oh no, that's just awful!"  Thanks lady, I wasn't aware.

I called the police department and a cop came to file a report.  Nothing was missing so it was just probably some stupid teenagers.  There was glass across the way where another car must have been so I'm thinking I may not have been the only one this happened to that night.

I tried to keep things in perspective because it definitely isn't the worse thing that could happen but it was hard because I was so angry that people are such idiots, I just could not stop shaking (my hands, legs) from anger for the rest of the night.  And it was a rest day.  Things like this always happen on rest days, I should not have them anymore.  Then I called my mom and just couldn't take the pent up frustrations any longer and just started crying on the phone. I have a tenancy to do that to my poor mom...

So on top of my other "problem" which cannot be mentioned and which I am trying to completely forget about (because the best way to deal with something is to completely ignore the problem...right?), you just feel like calling it quits.  Until...the next day is your Thursday night group run that you are partly responsible for organizing and it turns out like THIS!!!

Thanks for lightening up the photo Maggie!  It was really dark before your tremendous computer skills.

Kelly and I are in charge of the Thursday run groups but Kelly has been studying for a huge exam (which is tomorrow)....therefore, I was the group leader this week.  And it was our biggest week since we started our Thursday's in February 2012!  This wasn't even all the people either (missing a couple in the photo).  I think we had about 19 people and one dog!  I'm so happy with the way this group has grown!  I had so much fun chatting with my current run friends and some new friends that just joined the group that day!  Our friend Becky made some delicious cookies for after and then a few of us met up for a drink and some food.  I indulged a tad with 2 cookies, spiked apple cider, and some fried pickles.  Yes, this was my dinner and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I mean, the cookies alone took like 5 minutes to eat, they were so huge!  I resisted taking some home, which I'm sure was a smart idea!

I was in such a good mood after this run and our post run gathering.  There are times when your runs suck and there are times when you just need them to survive life.  I wish I could bottle that feeling!


  1. ugh, i saw your car on facebook :( that really sucks, seriously, what is wrong with people???

  2. That stinks about your car window. It has happened to me and I've had things stolen and it's a pain. Glad the group run and treats were good therapy.

  3. Such a bummer about your car. :( That totally stinks!!

    I think Susan was right about our Thursday night group. Consistency pays off! Same time every week, we get the same people that are able to come every week. :)

    1. I agree with the consistency Kelly! I'm glad Susan mentioned that!

  4. Amanda, that totally sucks about your car!! Yep, probably some asshole teenagers, but still - that's awful.

    Glad Thursday nights run picked you back up! Hugs!