Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post Marathon Happenings

Happy Tuesday!  Well, it's not necessarily a happy one for me but I'll make the best of it anyway.  And it's been gloomy in Chicago the last couple days which hasn't helped.  But onward!

The marathon is now 2 weeks past.  I miss it!  I miss training for it.  I like having a training plan to follow.  But I also like NOT having to run ALL THE TIME!  I like trying other things, or not having to worry about fitting in running when you are so busy you don't even have time to sleep in your own bed!  But more on all this later.

When looking back at the marathon, I wish I had done better.  Maybe I'm being too hard on myself.  After all, I did PR my time.  And I was under one of my time goals of 4:45.  But my ultimate time goal was 4:35 and I just wish I was a little closer.  But all in all, I'm still "ok" with my time.  I know what I need to work on to get that goal of 4:35 (and maybe even 4:30??).

Post marathon, my shoulders were really tense.  I had a chiropractor appointment where she spent most of the time on my shoulders.  And when I say "on my shoulders"...I mean she beat the ever living crap out of them.  So much so, that they were sore for several days if I tried to lay on my back for bed or doing ab work!  And a week later, I was getting dressed and noticed a bruise on each side.  And this was after a week!  And the next day I had a massage appointment where she tried to loosen my shoulders up too...I really made her sweat.  I'm not sure she really got them where she wanted them.
One of the bruises from the chiropractor - one week after.
So what has been going on with me since the marathon.  Well, I took 1 week off of running.  I've been trying out the LA Fitness in my neighborhood because I'm thinking of switching from Charter Fitness to LA Fitness.  The price is a little more but there is so much more to do and since my time is not consumed with running, I can do some other things.  Things that will help with my running too.  They have a pool so I can swim laps.  They have a variety of classes that I've been trying out.  So far, I've tried a Zumba class, 2 different core conditioning classes, and a yoga class.  Some I loved and some were ok.  But I think the core conditioning classes will really help strengthen my ....core (duh)...which will be good in the long run.

It was good though. I went to one yesterday and it was set up in circuits.  One circuit was squats while balancing on the bosu ball (the ball on the bottom and your standing on the flat top surface).  If you have never done the bosu ball...and have horrible balance like me, this is really difficult!  I started doing some of these with my personal trainer last year.  I used to have to hold on him, when I squatted, my legs would shake uncontrollably!  It was so hard!  I could never get on it by myself!  But with time, I improved.  So much so, that my second trainer had me starting on the ground and jumping onto it!  Yikes!!  I was scared at first, but did that too!!  So when I was doing the squats on the bosu ball yesterday during that class, the instructor walks over to me and told me "Very Good!!"  I later thanked my trainer for that! Haha!  I actually would love to buy one for myself but they are about $80-$100.

In addition to this, I have been running a few days out of the week.  I started out slowing last week.  It always seems hard when you skip a week of running.  I just felt like I couldn't breathe!  lol.  But overall, they were good runs (although rainy and dark).  Speaking of dark, if I run alone and on the streets, I have to wear bright clothing.  If I don't, I have to wear something reflective.  My reflective clothing is lacking and I hate my reflective vest, so a friend got me a reflective belt.  Even though it's not the most comfortable thing either, it gets the job done.

With flash, showing you the awesome reflectiveness before a run last week

No flash...and sucking in my gut just a bit! lol
It's really hard to get back into running in the dark.  And last week, it was rainy too, which added another element of difficulty.  I had to be careful to not slip or trip.  Plus I have to be aware of my surroundings.  But right now, it's dark in the mornings and evenings...and I work during the day, so it's either run outside in the dark, or run on the treadmill, which I don't like either.  I almost went last week but was going to just run 3 miles and didn't feel like driving the 5 minutes to the gym.  So outside night running it was.

But...all and all, I'm enjoying just doing "my thing" for working out. I used to belong to Ballys since I was 16 and to a aerobics place in a church basement my aunt taught at before that (since about age 12).  So I'm really enjoying going back to classes again.  They can be so much fun with the right instructor.  I like the tough classes too.  I don't want it to be too easy.  I want to feel tried and sweat after 5 minutes!  I want to take a kickboxing one again because those were always so much fun!

And in about 1 week (Oct 31st), I will be heading to Vegas with a few friends of mine.  I'm really excited since the last time I went was in 2000!  It's definitely time to go back...and I really need to get away from my life for a few days! 

What have my marathon friends been doing post marathon?


  1. I think its great to shake things up so its not all running.

    I love the Bosu! I too was horrible balancing on it, but I do my strength training moves on it and you can really feel it in your core.

    I've never been to Vegas, how sad is that?

  2. Hope you have a great weekend, our weather is supposed to be great!