Monday, February 20, 2017

My Workout Routine

I mentioned in my last post that I was still working out regularly even though I was pregnant. I still work out about 5 days per week right now, although my intensity level has decreased some (with good reason, obviously). It's my first pregnancy and so figuring out what workouts are good to do or what things might not be good to do can be a bit difficult and a bit nerve-wracking at first. 

My first priority is obviously the baby. But, working out and maintaining a fitness level is really good for the baby (and momma). So I read posts on the internet, asked some friends that went through this recently, and asked my doctor. Combining all of this with how I feel, I decided what I think is the right way for me to handle working out and pregnancy.

I'll admit though, it's difficult mentally. Am I doing to much? Can I be doing more? Should I do this ab workout? There is so much information out there and so much conflicting information, that it becomes overwhelming. And with being pregnant comes difficulty breathing, shortness of breath. Add running to that and some days, it's difficult.

With that said, I wanted to run through a typical 2 weeks of working out in the day and the life of a "pregnant runner."  I generally schedule rest days on Monday and Friday. So I try to do something all other days, even if it's a light/short workout.

Also, for comparison, I generally ran 3 days a week prior to becoming pregnant (around 9:45-10:30 pace), biked 1 day a week, and did "something" else (barre or bike) the other day.

Saturday, February 4th - Saturday, February 11th

2/4, Sat. - Barre class (1 hour)
2/5, Sun. - 5 mile run @ Waterfall Glen (56:33 - 5:1 intervals - 11:18 pace)

2/7, Tues - Prenatal strength workout at home (YouTube, 25 mins)
2/8, Wed - Bike trainer (12.5 miles, 45 mins)
2/9, Thurs - 3.8 mile run (Group Run, 42:54, 11:04 pace)

2/11, Sat. - 5 mile run (57:30, 11:30) - I really struggled this day
                  5.1 mile outdoor bike w/ Derek (28:22)

Sunday, February 12th - Sunday, February 19th
2/12, Sun. - Gym workout (20 mins stair climber, 20 mins elliptical)

2/14, Tues - 3 mile run (35:35, 11:50 pace)
2/15, Wed - Bike trainer (10 miles, 37:35)
2/16, Thurs - 4 mile run (group run, 42:39, 10:39 pace)

2/18, Sat. - Barre class (1 hour)
2/19, Sun. - 7 mile run w/ friends (1:25:54, 2:1 intervals - 12:16 pace)
                   25 mile outdoor bike (2:08:18)  - I was a really nice weekend. lol

So, I didn't swim even though I was starting to go. I just didn't want to go to the pool and leave wet and cold. Also Derek was working late and I opted to stay and do things at home so I was there for the animals. And last Sunday, it was in the 60's, so might as well do a million things outdoors. I've also slowed my pace for pretty much everything I do, at least a little bit (bike trainer, stair climber, etc.).

As you can see, my runs are kind of all over the place, pace wise. I'm trying to figure things out right now. The problems I'm having are shortness of breath and the fact that I have to use the bathroom every 5 seconds. Obviously both totally normal pregnancy running issues. But it can be frustrating nonetheless, especially when all the port-a-potties have been removed for the winter. I peed in the bushes twice this past week. I'm not proud of that, lol, but I have to do what I have to do.

I tried the 2:1 intervals with some friends last weekend because my solo run the weekend before was miserable (mentally). I'm signed up for a half marathon on April 1st and I will be almost 22 weeks pregnant. I signed up for the insurance so I can back down if I don't think I can do it, but I really want to do it. So my weekends right now are for trying to figure out the best long run strategy for me to get through the half comfortably.

Some runs feel great, some aren't so great (mostly breathing). But all in all, I feel fine running. No tummy issues or anything. I think baby likes it. I mean, it's going to be a triathlete... and apparently a soccer play (according to hubby). Haha!  I'll do an update on how the half marathon training is going in a few weeks.

For those interested, I'm doing Run the Bluegrass in Lexington, Kentucky on April 1st. Come join me! I hear it's beautiful but really hilly (hence trying to get some hills in my running schedule).


  1. Glad to hear that you aren't having any issues running! I think the 2:1 intervals sound like a good plan and are probably a good idea for a lot of runners on their long training runs. Good luck with your training for the half in Lexington. I'll be doing the Shamrock the following day!

    1. Thanks Pete! Ahhh! The Shamrock Shuffle! I did that race for like 10 years! It's a good one! Hopefully good weather since it's all the way in April!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on how your running has been impacted by your pregnancy! I am also experiencing shortness of breath and my paces have dropped between 1:30-2:00 per mile. But the important thing is that we're out there doing it, right? I've also heard a lot of differing advice on what to do/not to do while pregnant. But I think the best thing for us is to just listen to our bodies! And you are kicking butt with your workout routine - look at the diversity of everything you're doing!!!

    1. Emily, yes, mine have dropped around the same 1:30-2:00 for the most part too. It's hard to make it enjoyable when you have shortness of breath right? But make sure to have fun while running. Don't make it a chore. If it is, don't do it. Even walking is good for you! Great job!

  3. Good luck with your training and I hope you'll never encounter problems in running.