Friday, March 4, 2016

Racing Schedule

Happy Friday!

First, let me apologize that my racing schedule to the right of this blog is completely out of date! I's 2016! Get it together Amanda! In my defense, I can't access that part on my work computer and I never think about it when I'm home. Anyway...let's get on to 2016!

In 2014, I did 11 half marathons, 1 full marathon (my current PR!) and 1 tough ultra marathon. Not to mention a few smaller races and a sprint triathlon. I also had a goal to hit 1,000 miles for the year and need to keep pulling out the numbers straight through the end of December. I felt like I didn't get a break!

Turn to 2015 and I was burned out! I didn't want to run at all that year. I stopped tracking my numbers and workouts. I still ran and did workouts but I didn't care to track anything. My running was slow, my weight increased, and I just got by. I managed to do 1 slow marathon at the last minute and of course a few half marathons. The only thing I was really excited about was my first Olympic Distance triathlon.

I knew 2016 would be a slightly less "race heavy" year due to my wedding in August. I didn't want to be tied up doing things while trying to plan a wedding. I also don't know exactly when my honeymoon will be so I don't want to plan things afterwards. Plus my main goal this year (besides getting married!) is to lose weight, become healthier, and hope my cardio endurance will improve and so will my running.

So far in 2016, I have signed up for a few shorter races. I have been just running long distance mostly the last few years and I'm just not into it right now. So 8k's and 10k's are where it's at! I also signed up for the Esprit De She Triathlon again this year even though I wasn't sure if I'd actually be able to do it due to my shoulder surgery. The swag was expensive enough I figured just that covered the cost of the race.  Here's my schedule for 2016 so far...

2016 Race Calendar

3/6/16 - Running O' The Green 8k (Tinley Park, IL) - I ran this a couple years ago. Super local for me and very inexpensive. It's my first race of the year. I'm using "race" lightly as I'm just trying to complete the 5 mile distance! THIS WEEKEND! I'm kinda excited!

4/24/16 - The Champion of the Trees 10k (Lisle, IL) - This is at the Morton Arboretum and I'm kinda excited about this race too. Although because of the location, I'm excited some rolling terrain.

5/30/16 - Ridge Run 10k (Beverly, IL) - This race is on Memorial Day every year. I used to do this one every year (they have a 5k and 10k, or you can run both for "the challenge"). I love it. Local and very neighborhood friendly. I'm excited to do this one again.

6/12/16 - Esprit De She Triathlon (Naperville, IL) - I originally wasn't going to sign up for this but was talked into it. I just wasn't sure about my shoulder. The doctor told me to wait another month and then I can start trying to swim. The good thing about the swim here is that you can walk half of every lap. As long as I can swim a little, this will be a good way to stay in the triathlon game.

After I typed this...I realized that the first 3 races, I typed "I'm excited!" THIS is what I'm going for this year. I want to run because I enjoy running. I want to do the races that make me happy. Speed will come later when all other things are taken care of.

Possible Half Marathon

I've been looking at half marathons that won't break the bank and are in driving distance. We have some issues with whether it's at the end of the month or if it's on a Saturday (I didn't want to take Friday off of work). We were looking at Wisconsin races, St. Louis area races... etc.

Madison Half Marathon - (5/29/16) I looking at this race and was considering it until right now. It's the day before my 10k on Memorial Day. Ugh. Plus the end of the month races are hard for the Mr. and his work. Back to the drawing board. Maybe...


  1. So, you should totally sign up for the Green Bay 1/2 marathon the weekend of May 22. It's a 3 hour drive from Chicago (well at least from Deb's) and Deb and her husband, Nikki, and I are doing it! We are already signed up and have flights booked to come to Chicago to drive with Deb!! :)

    1. Hmmmm... I'll have to look into that!! I'll let you know if we decide to do it then! That would be fun to see you!

    2. You know you want to come see me! I mean I'm super fun! LOL

    3. Although Chicago is a huge rival of Green I'll have to wear my Bears colors! Ha!

    4. Ugh it's $100 right now to sign up. That's definitely a negative. :(

  2. Always so great to hear how you've been doing, Amanda!!! What a great collection of races you've got lined up! I read your post on yesterday's race and am thrilled to hear it went well! Any race at the Morton Arboretum would be awesome, I've heard great things about Ridge, and Esprit de She events are always so inspiring!!!

  3. Glad to hear you are running shorter races for a change of pace! I really enjoy short distance races for the pure adreneline rush from maxing my heart rate out and trying to be speedy. Sounds like a fun-filled race calendar for you!