Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy February! It's my birthday month (because you celebrate for a whole month, right)? February 11th is the exact date and...oh... I found a gray hair this morning! Eeekkk! I don't have gray hair so it's kinda a big deal right? Actually, no, I don't care. But fitting that it's in time for my 37th birthday.

Good news on all fronts!  When I went to my shoulder doctor appointment on Jan 4th, I was determined to weigh less for today's doctor's appointment. AND... I weighed in 10 lbs less! Go me! Yes, I'm doing Weight Watchers (again). And yes, it works for me.  (Side note, I'm down officially 8.6 lbs as of last week there but do expect a few more pounds down this week).

My doctor said my shoulder is doing very well. Since I was just shy of 3 months post-surgery (about 1.5 weeks shy), he was still hesitant of letting me do a couple things. Firstly, I still am not allowed to do external rotation since he wants me to be 3 months out of surgery. Since I'm close, he is allowing me to do a slight stretch on that right now.

External Rotation                 
I did ask when he thinks it will be ok to start trying to swim and he said to give it another month. (YAY!!)  He also said to refrain from weights but then did say I could do light weights for bicep curls or bench presses. Although I'm not trying to push anything as I do what things to heal up properly and not get re-injured.

He said something about close to having full range of motion, so I asked when he thought I would have full range back (I figured 6 months). He says generally 4-6 months but since I'm doing so well, he's figuring closer to the 4 month range! Woohoo!! What!? What!? dream. This may sound weird but if you've dealt with all my shoulder issues since July 2012, you would understand!  To one day be as close to "normal" as I can be... it's... I just can't imagine.

ANYWAY... that's all the news from here. As I stated, I'm doing well on the weight watchers/weight loss front. My birthday is in just over a week and I already know I will be having some splurges and I'm ok with that. I will just make the other days "good eating" days.  I may lose slowly sometimes but I think that it's the same ideas as with running...

It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Disclaimer: If you talk to me for the next several months, you will probably only hear about:
        1. My shoulder
        2. My wedding
        3. Weight Watchers

You've been warned! :)


  1. Happy Birthday (month)! That is great news about your shoulder getting back to normal. :)

    1. Thanks Pete! And my shoulder is definitely not back to normal .. yet... but it's getting there!

  2. Happy birthday month, Amanda!!! I strongly believe in celebrating the entire month, as well as our half-birthday month. So that makes two months out of twelve that we are always celebrating. =)

    Congratulations on your Weight Watchers success so far! You've made so much progress in such a short amount of time! I am glad to hear your shoulder is progressing well, too!!! The time is flying by!!!

    1. Thanks and I'm glad we see eye-to-eye on the bday thing! Haha!!

  3. I want to hear all the wedding talk!!! I love weddings!!!

    Also, I've been finding "white" hairs for awhile. Maybe they're actually gray ... they definitely have that wiry texture. I figure they're badges of honor.