Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday!

Whoa! Where have I been?'s too cold outside!

Anyway, just for a short update, I thought I'd do a Three Things Thursday to fill you all in on what's going on in my world!

1. This is "old" news for those that I'm friends with on facebook or that follow my page but...for those that don't... I'm engaged!  Yay!! 

I had to get it sized though so I've been without it for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, they called me today and I'm getting it back! I'm really excited to be engaged to the love of my life which I never thought would happen!

2. I re-joined weight watchers. For those that have long time followers, I originally lost 90 lbs on weight watchers back from 2007-2010 and hit my goal weight (according to their system).  Hello marathons, dating, and several other excuses and I put back on 30-40 lbs. I've tried several different tracking systems and clean eating methods, etc... and nothing ever stuck.

Finally, with the proper motivation (to look awesome in my wedding dress), I re-joined weight watchers 2 weeks ago and have been doing very well.  Before you get all on my case about weight not really mattering and I should be happy with my body... I am. Mostly. BUT... I know I've gotten into some unhealthy habits that I need to change. My running is harder, clothes don't fit, and on and on.  So my goal is to be HEALTHY. Not just a number on the scale. Plus, I want to like the way I look in my wedding photos. Let's be honest. Who doesn't.

3.  I have several giveaways I've been procrastinating on since I've slacked on blogging (plus I was on vacation, my computer is making things hard on me in the blogging front, and I was in the hospital.. I'm ok by the way). So I hope to get one of my giveaways out this weekend! Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!