Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Feeling Better


I want to thank everyone for the kind words and suggestions on my health update post.  As of the past (almost) week now, I've been feeling much better. My pain had gone down from 50-90% to a 10% and is now about 5%. So not much at all and rare.

For about 3 weeks, I did nothing but walking or resting. My walking might have been anywhere from 1-3 miles depending on how I felt that day and it wasn't fast walking since that aggravated my ailment a bit. And 3 miles was usually just verging on the "a bit too much" side of things so I didn't do that often.


Last Thursday I decided to try my first hand at running again. Between being sick and resting a full week and then this ailment, I've had close to a month off of running. But I know my cardio is low because I couldn't really do any cross training either. Walking was it.  But Thursday at my run group, I decided to do run/ walk intervals (1 minute running/3 minutes walking), just to ease into it and see how the incision would feel after running. Lucky me, I have an awesome run group and everyone decided to run/walk with me! It was a lot of fun with me yelling "RUN!" and "WALK!" lol. My watch was set to the intervals but not everyone can hear my watch.  But the run felt really good so I was happy!
A bit rainy but a good looking group!
I also did a run/walk interval on Sunday with Jill. I was still afraid to push the running too much and I'm still more focused on healing completely, and so with my incision still not fully healed, I kept my run interval at 1 minute. I shortened the walk interval to 2 minutes though.  We did a bit over 3 miles (3.37 miles according to my garmin) and my incision felt great. I have to check it out again (I only look at it every couple days), but I'd like to see how much more healed it is now!

In other (related) news, I did drop down from the full marathon to the half marathon in Iowa in June. I'm ok with that decision. It's the smartest thing. I also had to skip another half marathon this past weekend but I bought it on a groupon so it was cheap and I'm not upset to have missed it.


I'm also kind of excited for cycling season! I bought clips for the shoes to "clip in" but I haven't been able to try them yet since I haven't been able to ride. I'm excited to try them...but not excited to possibly kill myself! lol. Have I told you of my love of cycling?!  I also have 2 months to train now for my international distance triathlon! Yikes!!  :)


Don't forget that I'm an ambassador for Venus De Miles this year. The fee will increase next week so make sure to register before then if you want to save money! And to save more money, don't forget to sign up with my discount code "GetToGoal" to save $10! Good for either bike distance or the 5k run! Hope to see you there!

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