Monday, January 26, 2015

My own 30 day challenge!

I'm not very good at getting any strength training in unless I'm going to a barre class or something of that nature.

I see all these 30 day challenges but they get to like 1,000,000 squats (a bit of an exaggeration)... and I can't do things like that. Plus I really just want to strengthen my core. I want to be better at planks. I used to be really good and could hold a plank like no one's business. In fact, we had a challenge at my house once and all held planks until people gave up. I won! I held that plank for like 5 mins! 

I can't do that anymore. Especially after I hurt my shoulder, and then last year, hurt my back. I lost A LOT! 20-30 seconds of planking is hard for me. Not to mention all the plank variations.

So to try to increase my plank endurance and do it consistently, I decided to create my own 30 day challenge.  I also threw in some wall sits for good measure, because I like them and I couldn't think of anything else.

I also understand that some of this might seem very basic and very minimal to some of you that are strength training beasts. Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere. I will be doing this with a few of my friends who have decided to join me. Friends = accountability. I will also be doing this in addition to all of my other weekly/daily workouts. Just a little something extra. It's not too extreme that I know I should be able to do it but it's still challenging enough that I will be feeling it and have to work hard.

If you like 30 day challenges, feel free to join me! If you do, let me know how it's going for you!

You will have to excuse my picture. I was having trouble on the computer and had to upload the picture through a screenshot on my phone. Ugh.  Anyway, the challenge starts today with 20 second planks (3 times) and 20 second wall sits (3 times). Fridays are rest days (I'm flexible, use whatever rest day works best for your schedule), then Saturday is always the increase for the next week. So starting Saturday, it will be 30 second planks (3x) and 30 second wall sits (3x). Every Saturday, I increased by 10 seconds.
Since I'm so flexible (and forgetful), I added a couple extra days at the bottom. So if you forget to do it one day (that always happens to me), you didn't ruin the 30 day challenge. Simply add it to the days at the end. Try to limit these as best you can and try to not forget more than 3 if possible!  This is designed to just help me get stronger and better.
Anyway, happy Monday!


  1. That's a lot of planks and wall sits! Planks are always hard for me. Good that you have some rest days scheduled. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Pete! I think at least 1 rest day is always very important! Fridays are generally a rest day for me with working out so that's why I incorporated my rest day for that day!

  2. Nice challenge! I think this is totally doable, which is the key!

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