Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June in Review and Duathlon Recap

June in Review

Running Miles: 62.75
Swim Distance: 800 meters (triathlon)
Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 13
# of Workout Days this month: 23 (76%)
Number of races: 4
Pure Barre Classes: 6

Running - My running miles were a bit less this month. With so many races and two of them being a triathlon and duathlon, I had to focus on several different sports. Also since my marathon training was scheduled to begin part way through June, I wasn't pushing the miles.

Swim - I'm not swimming any more right now. The only swim I had was the triathlon. Even though I love it, I need to get my shoulder taken care of so I don't dislocate it. I'd love to do more triathlons but I will have to wait until I have surgery on my shoulder. Can you tell I'm less than thrilled with this whole topic?

Strength Training/Cross Training - This number was elevated from previous months, which is great! I had an opportunity to take 2 weeks of free pure barre classes and tried to get as many of those in as I could (while also training for the marathon). In addition, I did a day of yoga and incorporated a lot of cycling. I also had my longest cycling ride to date: 36 miles! I love it. It's freeing and so much easier than running! lol.

# of Workout days this month - 23 out of 30! That's not bad! With the free pure barre classes, races, and training for the marathon, I worked out for 2.5 weeks straight (which is not typical for me).  I tried to fit as much in as possible. It was exhausting! Ha!

Number of Races - Four! I had the Ultra Michelob 13.1 Half Marathon, the Esprit De She Triathlon, the Short Run on a Long Day 5k, and the Race Around the World Duathlon (see below).

**Now that the marathon training is in full swing, my running mileage for July will be greatly increased (possibly see a 100 number this month??).  But I have 2 major cycling events coming up (non-competitive). I'd like to take more pure barre classes or just keep up with some strength training during this month to get stronger.

Race Around the World Duathlon

A couple weeks ago, I competed in the Race Around the World Duathlon. This was the second time I did it. It's right in my neighborhood and packet pickup in literally right around the corner from my house! It almost can't get better than that!

Race morning, I had a few friends drive to my house and we all rode our bikes the 1 mile to race start.  Seriously, so easy!  My goal was to beat the previous year's time. Last year, I did the race with my boyfriend Derek and his friend Dale. We all stayed together, which worked out well. We are all stronger in different areas so in the end, it probably evened out.

But this year I was doing it by myself, for myself. I wanted to beat the previous time.  Last year, I was a newbie at the bike. This year, I also did a lot more bike/run bricks (not sure I did any before this last year).  And without further delay, the results:

I had a great race. I set a new PR by about 9 minutes. If you look, my bike was a PR by about 7 mins! The transitions were better and my runs were faster. I think there is still room for improvement but I really enjoyed myself. Plus, since it's local, a lot of my run friends do this event also!  The run is an out and back and you see your friends often!

Pre-Race with my running friends

This event will definitely be a yearly event!


  1. Nice work this month! I had a lower mileage month as well but I have no excuse!! Not training for anything at the moment! LOL

  2. Wow, great job on beating your time by nearly 10 minutes - woop! That picture of you smiling on the bike is priceless!

    1. I was in the habit of saying "Hey!" when I saw my friend. So my mouth is always open weird! ha!

  3. Hey there, I just got back into blogging and reading old blogs I use to read. Wow, is all I can say. I am totally impressed with your activity level. I mean, 62.75 miles ran? Then I continue down and you said you ran less this month? lol.... I feel like a total couch potato right now. Oh wait... I am one. lol... Hopefully not for long though. Congrats on all your success. Great job Amanda!

    1. Thanks Sonya! I typically average 70-80 miles per month. This month will be longer since I started marathon training.

  4. Very cool that the duathlon was in your neighborhood! Congrats on the PR and congrats on the awesome training!