Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Thing Friday

Happy Friday! 

Thought I would share with you one of my most favorite running project! 
My Marathon Wall
After my first couple of full marathons, I bought the shadow boxes (4 of them) with this idea in mind.  Later, after a couple more marathons, I bought 4 more shadow boxes. 

Derek helped me put my vision together.  I have run 5 full marathons and 1 ultra marathon.

My second marathon (2012 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon) bib was missing!  So Jill helped me re-create my bib so I had something to put in the frame with my medal (second from the left).

I hung them up on the wall. And I love looking at them!  Luckily I had bought the 2 extra frames last year even though after my back-to-back-to-back marathons and ultra last fall, I swore off of running any distance more than a half for the rest of my life. I'm signed up for Grand Rapids full this year and considering the Lakefront Ultra once more two weeks later. Perfect! I have 2 shadow boxes left!

Then I will probably have surgery on my shoulder and be out for several weeks (a few months). I'm not looking forward to it... so let's not talk about it. lol


  1. That is so fantastic! I've always wondered what to do with my bibs (though I don't have any marathon ones yet). Nice work!

    1. I never kept my bibs for other races so I only did for my full marathons. I just have medal hangers for my medals.

  2. Nice! I have a few race photos - my first marathon and a race Robert and I did together and I finished like 1 second ahead of him - and I'm sort of finally getting around to hanging them, haha.