Friday, June 13, 2014

Zooma Discount Codes!

Happy Friday the 13th! And it's one of the few that also has a full moon! 

Because of this special Friday the 13th, Zooma is having a special discount this weekend only!  The discount is awesome and if you haven't registered but have been thinking about it, NOW is the time!!  The discount codes are good through June 16th ONLY!  Do it and run with me on August 2nd! Women only! Sorry men!

What do you get with this race? (Because that's what it's all about, right?)...

1. I'll be there!  Ok, so if running with me isn't good enough...

2. All ZOOMA runners receive a Signature Swag Bag valued at over $50, including this shirt:

3. You get this awesome medal that has a detachable runner girl charm!

4. You get wine and post-race massages when you are finished!  I want to sign up just for that!

5. Muscle Milk at the finish along with Cytomax Sports Performance Drink and water along the course.

This is a great half to revolve around a girls weekend so grab your friends! Don't forget to use the following codes for the discounts through June 16th!

$30 off the half - Code: AMANDAHALF
$20 off the 10k - Code: AMANDA10K

Happy Running!


  1. I am just now getting back into exercising - week 2 already - my goal? Next summer run a race with you!!

    1. Yes Biz! I would totally do a 5k with you! Run or walk or run/walk or run! Whatever! Let's do it!

  2. I'm seriously so excited for the wine:)

    1. I had wine or cheap champagne after the Capital City Half in Columbus in 2011. It was so fun! I was sitting on the ground stretching and a guy comes up with little plastic flutes of champagne. I was like... "Don't mind if I do!"