Thursday, June 19, 2014

Short Run on a Long Day 5k

Yesterday was the annual Short Run on a Long Day 5k in Frankfort.

*Disclaimer - Sorry, this post might get mushy and gushy and you might see some of the same photos I've already posted on facebook (if you are my facebook friend).  I will not be offended if you close this down right now!

Ok, back to the race. I did this race 2 years ago for the first time. It was about 6 months after I joined the Frankfort/New Lenox Run Club (FNRC). Because this race is located in Frankfort and we are the Frankfort/New Lenox Run Club, it only makes sense that it's a huge one for our group.
FNRC - pre 5k
It's a local and inexpensive race which is really nice. Not so nice that it's always really hot and/or humid for it!  I think the first year I did it, it was about 90 degrees! Last year, I helped Becky get a 5k PR. It wasn't quite as hot but it was pretty humid. Yesterday it was about 80+ degrees and maybe 100% humidity. At least it felt like it.

My goal was to take the run easy. This was my goal for a couple of reasons. First, my knees have been bothering me for about 1.5 weeks. I'm pretty sure it's that my hamstrings are really tight so I've been trying to stretch them but ... ugh... I hate stretching.  Second, I knew it would be hot and humid. Hot and humid do not equal a 5k PR for me.  Third, I'm not even in PR shape for a 5k right now.  So I just wanted to run happy and easy. 

Since my boyfriend Derek was planning on taking it easy, I asked him if he wanted to run together.  We don't typically run together except maybe an occasional Thursday night or something. We don't run races together because, even though we are kind of the same pace, he would typically beat me at 5k's, he's got a better "sprint to the finish", he doesn't really talk much while running, etc. But he agreed that we could run together (or try, lol).

And we ran together and we finished together. I really enjoyed running with him even if it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows during the race. 
Running to the finish with my man!
Finisher photo
Stop reading now if you don't want to get all mushy gushy...

I was really excited to run with him and really excited to finish the race with him. Why? Even though we didn't meet at this run, we met because of this run club, and this run club is such a huge presence in this race.  Another reason? We run past The Grainery in Frankfort, and that IS where we first met.  Need another reason? I like that we share a common interest in running and that we CAN do things like this together.  Being with him makes me happy and running makes me put those two together and...
Whoa!! Close-up!

... you get extra happiness!!  lol.

Another thing I love about doing this race with our run club? You get your own personal cheer section near the finish line! I swear I felt like I was famous or something with everyone cheering for me! I love my run group!

So even though we ran easy and our time was no where NEAR a PR... we had fun and we did well. I finished with a 31:48 (10:15 average pace). I was actually shooting to run 10:30's so there ya go. It's a gun-timed start to the race so we lost at least 10-20 seconds from that too. But it's not a problem for me this time. I wasn't racing. I was running with my run club and having a good time!

Next time you are at a local southside Chicago race (or a Chicago race)... look for some of these gold shirts. They tend to pop up! And we are fun so wave and say hi!


  1. Aww your pics are so cute!!

  2. Sounds like a really fun race, especially with the great crowd support!

    1. Yes I love doing this race. Plus you can't beat local races!

  3. OMG you two are so cute!!! I knew you would make a good couple ;-)

    1. I will never forget that you had us pegged from the very beginning when you told me to ask him out 2 days after we met him! I made him do the asking though. lol.

  4. Not too mushy at all Amanda - love it!!

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