Friday, June 6, 2014

Double Race Weekend Plans

My crazy race weekend is here. Yes, I'm looking forward to it but not the logistics or how crazy busy I am going to be all weekend. I like my sleep and this weekend, I will be getting none of that. Sleep is for the weak!

Tonight I'm having dinner with my friend Kim from Ohio. Kim won an entry to this Saturday's half marathon and is flying in today! It will be so great to catch up with her. Tomorrow morning, I have to leave the house early, about 4:45 a.m. The logistics of the race are tough and we have to drive down and park and get shuttled to the start since there is limited parking at the start.

I'll run the half (more on that in a bit). After the half, I have to go home, take a quick ice bath, and drive with my friend Carol to Naperville to pick up our packets for the triathlon Sunday. You have to pick up your own triathlon packets (no exceptions) and this is the only day offered so I have no choice but to go. No post-half marathon nap for me! Naps are for the weak!  After picking up my packet, I have to go to dinner for my boyfriend's sister's birthday, which is good because I need to eat anyway right? Or is eating for the weak?  Can I nap instead?  After dinner, I have to go home and get everything ready for the triathlon. I made my checklist and will start getting it together tonight so I have less to do tomorrow since that day is packed and I'll be tired.

Sunday is the triathlon! Oh yea! So much fun! Can't wait! (more on this below).  But with 2 races in one weekend (and not just little 5k's), I need a plan to get through it, since I normally don't get this crazy. Hell, I get tired having a half marathon one weekend and another the following weekend.  Read on for my plan!


To prepare for my upcoming double race weekend, I've doubled up my long runs or half marathons with some bike/run bricks for training. I'm also planning to stretch, ice, and compression after my half on Saturday to hopefully recover my legs for Sunday. My plan is to run easy for my Saturday half marathon (which I got in for free, legally!) and race my triathlon on Sunday. Here are my goals for the weekend:

Half Marathon Plan
Do a run/walk during my half to make sure I don't try anything crazy like racing it! I'm thinking of doing 10 minute run/1 minute walk for the entire half (not a 10 min mile, just 10 minutes of running at a time). I can set my watch for these intervals and will only have to listen to the beeps as they come in. Makes it very easy to do intervals. Low stress half. Not worried about time. Just enjoying the beautiful day!

Triathlon Plan
For my triathlon, I don't even know where to begin! I'm pretty excited! There are some areas I feel more prepared with on this triathlon (bike/run bricks), and some areas I feel less prepared on (transitions). I would ideally like to do better in every area during the triathlon. However, the distance of the swim is double the last one I did (this one is 800 meters). My bike is 13.3 miles, which is just a bit more than the one last year (by maybe 1 mile).  The run is a 5k, which is the same.

I'm wearing a rented wetsuit for the swim. I was able to try a wetsuit out last year during a swim clinic I took so at least I know the feel of one. I got it about 1 week before the tri and haven't been able to go to a pool or beach to try it out. Therefore, I did the only thing I could do. I put on the wetsuit and played around in the tub, trying to get the water in it as much as possible. Only when I stood up to get out did I get the feel I was waiting for, the water running down the inside of your suit. I got out of the tub and tried taking the suit off so I could get the feel for that. It wasn't too bad so I think I might be ok taking it off. That's what I'm nervous about. I got a sleeveless wetsuit so I didn't have to worry about my shoulder issues. I think I should try it on once more tonight. I have a hard time getting it on. There is nothing worse than trying to get the wetsuit on. My body has some extra curves and I find that I feel like I have to stuff myself in. If I were thinner with no extra skin from weight loss, maybe it would be easier. Not sure and it doesn't matter because this is my body.  I will see if the wetsuit helps with the swim.

Wetsuit bathtub selfie (no need to make this picture any larger)
The bike portion, well, last triathlon I did an average speed of 18.3 mph. I was shocked when that was my average as I didn't think I rode my bike that fast. This year, I'm a bit slower. This triathlon is earlier in the year and we had a long winter. I don't feel as prepared on the bike. Ideally, I would like to average 16-17 mph minimum for the bike course. I'll see how close I come to last year.

For the run, I would like to beat my average pace over last year. Both triathlons have 5k runs. I got a 10:01 average pace for the run, which I was happy with at the time. I actually did feel pretty decent for the run last year but I think I walked twice. So I would like to average better than that. I also have been practicing my bike/run bricks more this year so that should help. What might hurt me? The half I have the day before. I'll see how dead my legs feel. But like I said, I've been practicing my half marathons runs one day and bike/run bricks the next. So I'm as prepared as I can be in that regard.

Hope you all have a good weekend whether you are racing or not! I'll catch you next week to let you know how I did!

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  1. Girl, you had quite the weekend! I think your half plan was smart, too. I've never done a tri (I'm afraid of bikes, ugh), but it sounds so intense and I give you so much credit. Congrats!