Thursday, May 29, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

1. My race list off to the right hand side of my blog is not up to date. I'm having trouble updating it right now and haven't tried anything to fix it yet. So if you are wondering what my upcoming race schedule looks like:

These are only races that I have currently registered for. And yes, I do keep a spreadsheet.  Also on the actual spreadsheet are possible races and the amounts I've paid for each race. This is the only way I can remember what is going on.

2.  This month I've been trying to focus more on my triathlon than running long and running half marathons. Although the half marathons have been creeping in, which is good because if you look above on my race schedule, I have a half marathon followed by a triathlon. I've been trying to double up my long runs/half marathons one day and bike/run bricks the next day to prepare.  Although I am planning on taking the half marathon in June very easy (with a possible 10 min run/1 min walk ratio to keep myself in check so I don't race it). My goal is the triathlon, not the half marathon. 

My bricks have been going very well, surprisingly. I don't like them. I don't like running after cycling because my legs feel like they are barely moving and I feel like I'm just stomping my feet, but I keep telling myself that my triathlon run is only a 5k. Only a 5k. I can run a 5k. I haven't been swimming too much at all. Wish I could go more but it gets pushed to the side. I use my shoulder as an excuse too. Whether it's a valid excuse or not, I'm not sure. I can swim, it doesn't hurt to swim, I won't dislocate my shoulder swimming (it's the backstroke move that I can't do).  BUT, it tires out my shoulder and I'm more prone to dislocate it doing other things later in the day after swimming (which HAS happened). So I know I can swim. I have been swimming occasionally. I rented a wetsuit, which should come tomorrow.  I know I can handle the swim. I just need to not panic like I did at the last triathlon I did. Luckily, it's in Naperville at Centennial Beach, which is a man-made beach and not as scary as normal open water lake swimming! Although it was much scary than the pool. I'm hoping my experience doing a triathlon will help me not panic.

3.  Also, if you look at my race schedule above, you will see that I signed up for the Venus De Miles 64-mile bike ride! Yikes!  My cheap road bike is going to be so pissed at me when it finds out!  So I ordered a cheap cycling jersey and have been getting on the bike a bit more, trying to ease into some longer rides. Right now, I'm only up to 16 miles but I know I can do 20-25 (which I plan to do this weekend). Of course, I've been only my bike anyway due to the triathlon.  So, you might see me running on the trails and in the neighborhood... but you also might see me masquerading as a cyclist! (Side note: I ordered a different cycling jersey because this one isn't the greatest looking one! I just haven't received it yet).  I took this picture just to send it to my boyfriend and not for public viewing but ... I'm a blogger. There are no secrets! Even if I look like a dork!

Happy running! Happy cycling! Happy swimming!


  1. That's a jam packed June race schedule! Have fun with the training. I'll see you at the 13.1 and RnR!

    1. It is a bit packed Pete! So I'm really limiting any more races (mostly) when I begin marathon training (unless it fits in, like my halves).

  2. I think that jersey is super cute!

  3. Wow, that is quite the race schedule, love it! When I did my one and only triathlon in 2004 (I had to look it up, can't believe it was that long ago - and I've realized my last organized race was 2012!)

    Well, I bought my bike for $20 at a garage sale, and it worked just fine. Of course, I was parked next to a woman who had socks that probably cost that much and had a $5k bike!

    And I had to chuckle when you said you were going to take the half safe at 10 minute miles, plus maybe a 1 minute walk each mile - that would be sprinting for me!

    Enjoy our weather today - it's beautiful!

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